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Move over plaid! Patterns to wear in 2014

Originally posted in 24 Hours Vancouver
February 25, 2014

Many men shy away from patterns — and we can’t understand why. Maybe they don’t want to stand out or to look gay if they aren’t? Maybe they worry that it won’t suit their body type? Or maybe these men don’t know what to wear with a bold pattern?

Whatever the case, this spring there’s a lot of pattern coming our way — so jump on board. Fortunately, there’s something for everyone. And even the “guy’s guys” will find something to embrace.

This spring, forget about the plaid that we’ve been seeing for what feels like years. We’ve got better options — and there are ways to make a subtle statement or a bold one.


Forget Duck Dynasty, this is the new camo. Bold, larger in scale, and sometimes with a hint of blue, this pattern is a must for any stylish man this spring. Don’t just keep it to jackets — think shirts, pants, and hats, but be sure not to wear them all at once.


We are big fans of floral no matter what the season, but it is quite fitting for spring. Shorts are the big thing for prints — over-scale florals make a dramatic statement but can also be kept low key and casual.


Nautical-inspired stripes never go out of style. This is for the man who has a hard time with bold prints. A great stripe, whether neutral or bold, can really amp up an outfit. Stay away from a black and white stripe, as you may look like you’re going to jail. Keep it light and fun.


You can never have enough geometric prints in your wardrobe. These fabulous T-shirts are great for layering. They offer the perfect surprise hit of pattern to any layered outfit or paired with a simple pair of jeans for a simpler look.

Pictured Below:
1. Camo Jacket (H&M)
2. Striped Shorts (Old Navy)
3. Killgrew, Funk Editions Prints in Hendrix T-shirt
4. Killgrew, Funk Editions Prints in Clinton grey/green T-shirt
5. Mixing patterns, stripes and florals from the Gap
6. Floral shirt from H&M
7. Floral shorts from the Gap



StripedShortsOldNavy Killgrew1 Killgrew2 Floral1 Floral2 Floral3


‘Mountain Modern’ style for the home

Originally posted in 24 Hours Vancouver
February 12, 2014

Let’s face it: winter is in full effect and starting to feel long. All we can think about is staying warm and snug, making roaring fires, wrapping up in rich textiles, and wearing chunky knits. But unless you’re a snowbird (and we wish we were), the best way to get through the long winter is to get out to the hills and cozy up.

On a recent mountain getaway (complete with skiing and apres-skiing) we got talking about our favourite winter resorts. There are some amazing properties to visit, while others just don’t quite get it right. They become kitschy, missing the right touch of modern elegance.

So this week we focus on an alpine-chalet look we’re calling “Modern Mountain,” and the key pieces you need to get it.




Agnes Chandelier, Roll & Hill (
We love everything about this chandelier is it’s the ideal mix of modern and rustic. Reminiscent of a tree branch or even a snowflake, the gorgeous gold finish gives it a glamour edge perfect for a dream mountain escape.







Strandmon Wing Chair, IKEA (
In design, wing chairs are back in full-force. IKEA has brought back this mid-century marvel from a vintage collection and it fits perfectly in a modern mountain space. The grey is also inviting, making this the kind of chair you’d want to curl up in (with a glass of wine, of course).






Icelandic Sheepskin Pillow, 29 Armstrong (
Made in Copenhagen, this gorgeous sheepskin pillow adds visual interest and warmth. It’s where design meets nature: great to layer with other textiles to create the luxury that is needed in a mountain getaway.




Chevron Mirror, Crate and Barrel (
This unexpected, hand-worked bamboo mirror is done in the perfect whitewashed finish. The obvious choice would have been cedar or pine, but instead try the organic edge of bamboo in a chevron pattern. The look is super modern and adds that little element of surprise.