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February 2014

Originally posted in 24 Hours Vancouver February 25, 2014 Many men shy away from patterns — and we can’t understand why. Maybe they don’t want to stand out or to look gay if they aren’t? Maybe they worry that it won’t suit their body type? Or maybe these men don’t know what to wear with a bold pattern? Whatever the case, this spring there’s a lot of pattern coming our way — so jump on board. Fortunately, there’s something for everyone. And even the “guy’s guys” will find something to

Originally posted in 24 Hours Vancouver February 12, 2014 Let’s face it: winter is in full effect and starting to feel long. All we can think about is staying warm and snug, making roaring fires, wrapping up in rich textiles, and wearing chunky knits. But unless you’re a snowbird (and we wish we were), the best way to get through the long winter is to get out to the hills and cozy up. On a recent mountain getaway (complete with skiing and apres-skiing) we got talking about our favourite winter