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Gap + GQ = Style Guys Love


We were thrilled to be asked to host a segment for CTV Morning LIVE for the Gap’s latest collaboration with GQ Magazine, available September 30th. Featuring designs by four of America’s hottest emerging brands, we showed looks created by Brooklyn Tailors, En Noir, John Elliott + Co, and M.Nii. 

Check out Gap Canada for locations or to shop online September 30th!


Nothing wrong with starting out the day with these fine fellas from Sophia Models. 

Calgary Style Experts the Style Guys


Chris wearing Mn.ii for the Gap

Calgary Style Experts the Style Guys

Erik wearing Brooklyn Tailors for the Gap

Calgary Style Experts the Style Guys

Sean wearing En Noir for the Gap

Calgary Style Experts the Style Guys

Oliver wearing John & Elliot & Co.

Calgary Style Experts the Style Guys


Kathy Le and the boys!



Savings Secrets from Crossiron Mills for Fall – Global TV

The Style Guys Calgary Fashion Blog

In case you missed it, we were on Global TV Saturday September 20th to talk Fall trends for the ladies from some of our favourite retailers at Crossiron Mills. A huge thanks to Ania, Jade, Yvonne and Kim from The Nobles for getting up early to help us out. See more about the looks below the video and check out Crossiron Mills for more.


The Style Guys Calgary Fashion Blog

Jade’s look from Banana Republic Factor store at Crossiron Mills

The Style Guys Calgary Fashion Blog

Kim’s look from Joe Fresh at Crossiron Mills

The Style Guys Calgary Fashion Blog

Yvonne’s look from Banana Republic Factor store at Crossiron Mills

The Style Guys Calgary Fashion Blog

Ania’s look from Kixs at Crossiron Mills

The Style Guys Calgary Fashion Blog


Nordstrom opening gala



Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 8.34.42 PM

Last night, we had the great privilege of being invited to the opening gala of Nordstrom’s first location in Canada. The night was filled with fantastic eats, cocktails (no red wine, of course!), an R&B band that rivalled Bruno Mars and let’s not forget fashion to make you giddy. The streamlined and modern aesthetic of the store was the perfect to backdrop for this fabulous soiree attended by the who’s who of fashion and society peeps of Calgary. The gala night was also a fundraiser for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation and United Way of Calgary and raised $180,000.

The store officially opens Friday September 19, 2014. We thought to share some of our fun selfies from the night taken with some of our great fashionable friends!

We know we will have to make several trips back to the store to get the complete experience and pick up a thing or two while we are there. 😉

Check out: Nordstrom Calgary

Listen to our segment on Virgin Radio (starts at 04:19):












Fall 2014 Shoe Trends & Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life

This weekend is one of our city’s most important fundraising events – the Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life. The event kicks off at Eau Claire Plaza at 11AM and is hosted by HIV Community Link a resource for HIV prevention, support and advocacy. This year’s fundraising goal is to raise $110,000 and continue to raise awareness and reduce the harm associated with HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C for all individuals.

If you’re interested in walking or donating, click here.

AND if you’re going to walk, don’t forget to look your best of course! Here are some suggestions on what footwear you might consider wearing to this year’s walk – practical or not for Fall.

Listen to the segment from Virgin Radio:


Ankle boots are everywhere. Practical and easy to wear, an ankle boot is perfect for pants, skirts or even shorts while the weather lasts!


Over the knee boots. Look out pretty woman, they are back. Wear these with a more tame outfit to balance the look.


Animal print. You don’t have to run like a leopard to rock this hot fall trend.




The chelsea boot – The no lace ankle boots can be worn with jeans or suits and are now coming out in lots of colour combinations.


Brogues (boots and shoes) – these are everywhere! The stitched toe adds some visual interest and they can be dressed up or down.


Smart athletic shoes – think quilted leather, slip ons, and always make sure your sole is clean if you are buying white soled shoes (Magic Erasers work great).



How to Pick Yourself Up After a Breakup

On Virgin radio this week, we’re talking how to give your self a little pick-me-up after you’ve gone through a breakup. Making that decision to go out on your own again is a tough one, and often there are hurt feelings, esteem issues and cash issues. So, how do you give yourself a style boost when you’re feeling low?

We are exploring this topic for an upcoming presentation we’re giving at the Divorce Transition Weekend taking place at the Banff Springs Hotel from October 3-5. This exciting weekend is designed to change your life and give clarity on how to move forward with a successful new life. Topics cover all areas of life including finance, fitness, legal issues, and of course style! Ours is the first presentation of the weekend — designed to start the weekend off in a light and positive way.

Broken Heart


We have a limited number of free tickets we would like to share with you so if you or someone you know needs a weekend like this email us! 






Quick tips: 

1. Get back to the gym. We’re not saying you need to lose weight or bulk up but nothing will perk up your mood and put some blood back in your face like some fitness. Whatever your fitness poison – lifting weights, yoga, a walk, a swim, just make the time and get back into it.

2. Purge your closet. If you still have your wedding dress or tux hanging in your closet but the nuptials are over, get rid of it! Gifts from your ex that remind you of them every time you see them–OUT! If they have value and you don’t want to toss it quite yet (think diamonds) put them in a vault or give them to a trusted friend who can keep them safe and out of site.

3. Get your hair did. Yup, simple and affordable. A new do will bring much needed compliments and a fresh outlook.

4. Buy some new shoes. Why shoes? Because putting your best foot forward is more than a metaphor. New shoes or boots that feel substantial will make you feel like you’re ready to kick ass. Think about power shoes, dressed up boots, or if they make you feel great–high-tops. It doesn’t really matter as long as you can put them on and you feel powerful.



J.Crew at NYFW Presentation: Spring/Summer 2015







As much as we are longing to be in New York this week for NYFW, we are stuck here with some business to take care of. However, fear not Style mavens, we have you covered. Our good friends at J.Crew have given us a sneak peek at whats to come for their Spring/Summer 2015 collection and we are elated to be sharing these exclusive images with you.

As usual, J.Crew does not disappoint. Easy and casual looks that are effortless. Perfect for any fashion lovers closet for the coming season. We know we can’t wait for these looks to hit the stores as we will be the first ones in line to get the goods.

J.Crew Spring/Summer 2015 Women’s Inspiration

The women’s Spring/Summer ‘ 15, collection, was inspired by the artistic beauty of the indigenous cultures in Latin America. I was drawn to their distinctive approach to stripes, ikats, intricate textiles, and interesting colour combinations – specifically from artisans in Mexico and Peru. The energy of the collection came from a recent trip to Ibiza; and the calm of the relaxing tropical getaway. There’s a real feeling of ease, a sexiness, a casualness and comfort to the clothes this season. I wanted to focus on dressing people to enjoy them today and live their lives in them, and not just on a precious occasion. -Tom Mora, Head of J.Crew Women’s Design

J.Crew Spring/Summer 2015 Men’s Inspiration

The men’s Spring/Summer ’15 collection was initially inspired by my childhood memories of traveling to Spain. Through my research I came across fantastic images that further evoked nostalgic memories of the Mediterranean. From the fishermen mending their nets on the wharf, the white washed walls, to the various shades of blues in the ocean – all can be found translated in some way throughout the collection. I love the fisherman’s cable knit cardigans updated with white buttons, chambray naval popovers, French work wear jackets. This season there is special emphasis on simplicity, nothing overly complicated. – Frank Muytjens, Head of J.Crew Men’s Design

Check out: J.Crew


The Black Denim Collection: The Gap

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 12.46.08 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 12.46.19 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 12.46.42 PM

This fall, instead of opting for the ordinary blue denim in your closet, go with something dark! In time for cooler days ahead, The Gap launched their new Black Denim Collection complete with coated skinny jeans, vintage style denim jackets, leather moto jackets and even black leather slip-on sneaks. They even went as far as creating a video for the collection (as only The Gap can do) which is linked below… we love the moody, sultry tone of the video, and the collection.

Check out: The Gap for more information


Stylish Dorm Rooms

Just because you are moving into a dorm room does not mean you need to sacrifice style. The complete opposite as now this is your own space and you can really do anything… well almost anything. We know that you cant paint, sometimes you have to live with the bed you are given, etc. But fear not our stylish post secondary lovers! Here are a few quick tips that will leave your dorm looking fabulous and the envy of all others on your floor.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 2.28.59 PM

1. Divide your space into sections and use furniture pieces to help you separate. Open bookshelves are great becuase they provide storage as well. Something industrial always works well.

2. COLOUR is key. Add colour through your bedding, artwork and accessories. Go bold with your choices as you are probably moving into an empty white canvas. The sky is the limit.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 2.29.36 PM

3. Put up pieces that inspire you. Photos, artwork and postcards from places that you have gone will have you smiling when you look at your walls and will keep you from feeling homesick.

4. Create multi-purpose spaces. A dining room that can also function as an area to study, play cards, etc.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 2.29.18 PM
5. Storage is KEY!!! An open bookshelf can house pots and pans, boxes, books and other accessories. Boxes are great as they can hide clutter!

All images courtesy of Homesense Canada