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October 2014

It’s not often we get one bit serious on Virgin Radio but this week we want to talk about just a few of the reasons why we are truly thankful. 1. Food in our bellies and a soon to be finished kitchen. It’s been four long months since we had a flood in our house and this week we’ll be able to cook in our home again. It’s a miracle that we have not doubled in size. 2. Careers that we love. What other country could we be two young

Fall is a great time to get out to some of the city’s top fashion events. This is the season to look at not only what’s coming up in fashion but also to see what others are wearing and get some inspiration. We get told all the time “I would love to go watch a fashion show,” so what’s stopping you! Here are a few coming up that we’ll be at, come say hello! PARKLUXE Calgary – One of Calgary’s most successful fashion events, PARK stands for Promoting Artists Redefining Kulture.