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SAG Awards Fashion Hits and Misses

Last night marked the 2015 SAG Awards and of course, we were watching the red carpet like fashion hawks. We feel that after the Golden Globes, we wanted to see the fashion get kicked up a notch. There were quite a few misses for us at the Golden Globes and to be honest, the SAG Awards were a little disappointing. There were barely any gorgeous glam gowns and we feel like everyone played it a little safe. We did however see a lot of white, which I feel is the on trend colour for dresses that everyone will be all over in the spring.

Having said that we of course have our tops hits and misses and without further adieu, here they are:



 Ariel Winter, ZAC POSEN

We saw a lot of white on the red carpet and we kinda loved it. The best was forsure our girl from Modern Family how is all grown up and looking fabulous. This look was on par and really worked for Ariel. Girl is coming into her own.


 Joanne Froggatt

A far cry from her outfits on Downtown Abbey, Joanne Froggatt brought some gorgeous glamour to the red carpet. The fit was perfect and we love the black, so elegant.


 Julia Louis Dreyfus

Sometimes a girl that plays it safe on the red carpet, this look brought a little sexiness. Julia looks fabulous.


 Kiera Knightly

After having a bad fashion moment at the Globes, Kiera has redeemed herself in this gorgeous purple number. Love the lace, the cut is fabulous an of course, the colour!

 Ellar Coltrane

A simple black suit but check out the shoes. A black and white brogue, divine!


TarynManningElisabethFranchiTaryn Manning, ELISABETH FRANCHI

What the heck!? This dress is not only ill-fitting but doesn’t do anything for her skin tone. It washes her out completely.

KateMulgrewKate Mulgrew

This picture speaks for itself. We are all about taking risks however this just did not work.

rs_634x1024-150125160323-634-laver-cox-sags.l.12515Laverne Fox

Serving up some mermaid realness, we are big fans of Laverne but just not her dress.


2015 Food Trends

Sure, we talk a lot about fashion, decor, events, celebs, etc, but this week we wanted to expand our horizons and talk about something we love as much as we do our shoes: food! In fact, we actually love cooking (and baking), and have accepted the fact that we will never have abs.

We have many foodie friends, and read a lot of food blogs, and this year there are a few things that seem to be unanimous among the food lovers of the world. Let us tell you, the year ahead is going to be delicious!


Slices of Butter1. Fat is back. Full fat. Yeah baby!

There is an ongoing battle among doctors about what is good for us and what is bad for us and is seems that the word right now is about eating real food, less sugar and more good cholesterol (or something like, that, we’re not fricken doctors here). And you know what’s real? Butter. Butter on toast, butter in sauce, even butter in coffee.



background2.  Whole Grains

Your digestive track is going to love you. Hemp, chia, freekeh, spelt. We don’t know what they are but they’re going to creep their way not he side of your plate, eventually taking centre stage.




mojito cocktail with lime and mint on wooden table3. Cocktail Culture 

Things are looking way up… Calgary’s cocktail culture is really starting to catch up to other big cities. You’re going to drink more infused, muddled, bittered, foamed cocktails than ever. Of course, they start at $12 but they’re worth it.



Ceramic bowl with sauerkraut over wooden background4. Everything pickled

Bitter, fermented, pickled food is taking over from sweet. Think pickled veg, sauerkraut, kimchi, and if we’re really lucky pickled eggs. Just keep that Kombucha fermented tea to yourself.


99.9 Virgin Radio Toronto: 2015 Spring Trends

We always love visiting Toronto and it’s always a pleasure to see Mad Dog and Maura at 99.9 Virgin Radio. This time the topic was Spring 2015 trends, and what we should be leaving behind from Spring 2014. Take listen to the full segment below!

The Style Guysstyle



She Wore Yellow

It’s not a colour that hangs in everyone’s closet but it should be. Yellow is going to be in popping up everywhere. Just remember, not all yellows are created equally, the trick is to find a shade that goes well with your skin tone.





Not pants, not shorts, culottes. A proper fitting pair of culottes flows away from the body, kind of like a skirt would, and hits mid calf. They are a great look to dress up with a blazer and shows off a killer pair of shoes. Perfect for the office or a night out, but if worn too casually will look like you’re wearing capri pants.






Given that we’re Calgary guys, we see gingham every spring and summer, as people gear up for the Stampede. In fact, I’m pretty sure most retailers send all of their gingham to Calgary and mark it up in time for Stampede. Find a modern cut for this pattern so you avoid looking like you’re wrapped up in a picnic table cloth or heading out to a rockabilly show.





AllWhiteAll White

It’s Hampton’s chic, country-club brunch, polo party and yachting attire, and now it’s for the rest of us too. Probably not the best choice for a spaghetti dinner, or really, anything, but it’s fashion, so get your all white look on, don’t touch anything or anyone, don’t sit down or even leave your house. There aren’t enough Tide to Go sticks in Canada to get us in all-white, but if you’re brave, enjoy!



Active Wear – Keeping you Fit & Stylish

In case you missed us on The Global Morning Show (Saturday January 17th), here are some of the hottest trends from Crossiron Mills including Sport Check, Adidas and Reebok.

A huge thanks to the Nobles, Brad from Anytime Fitness, and Tish (Train With Tish).










The 2015 Wedding

A lot of people are getting engaged over the holidays, which makes January the time when people are starting to plan their nuptials. In the last 7 years, we estimate we have attended approximately 25 weddings (seriously), often emceeing the wedding, and we feel like we are expert wedding guests.

Now, trends for weddings come and go, and this year there are some really fun ones that are popping up. Of course, we do believe that a wedding should be as unique as the couple, but if you’re starting from square one this might give you some ideas and inspiration.

RusticChic1. The Nature-Inspired Wedding
Calgary is notoriously terrible for planning around the weather, so our first bit of advice is to have a plan B in case a storm rolls through (or just plan it somewhere with more dependable weather). Think about dining outdoors, or on a patio, use twigs and branches, natural flowers in mason jars and strung up lights. We recently went to one in Canmore at the Cross-Zee Ranch that was incredible and a few years ago went to a Saskatchewan farm wedding that melted our wedding-cynical hearts.




FamilyStyle2. Family Style Dining
Depending on how formal you wish your wedding to be, this is a nice alternative to going either full-plated meal or buffet. Everyone can be served at approximately the same time, take what they want, as much or little as they want, and it will likely save you some money.


BlackDresses3. Black Bridesmaid Dresses
Really, let’s make dress shopping easy, right? Let your bridesmaids wear whatever black dress they feel hot in and style them with matching flowers.



FoodTruck4. Late Night Eats
The midnight buffet is probably as important, if not MORE important than the dinner. When everyone is drunk and danced-out feed them before they stumble home. They will thank you in the morning. Choose what you love to eat at the end of the night and be as decadent as you want – mashed potato station, poutines, sliders, Chinese food.



Golden Globes 2015 Red Carpet Wrap-up

The official kick-off to awards season, the Golden Globe Awards always proves to be a great night for fashion. This year, metallics were big, red and even the guys got in on the act. Here are our picks for the best dressed of the night and a few of the unfortunate misses.


Jessica Chastain in Atelier Versace


Sienna Miller in Miu Miu

Julian Moore in Givenchy



Matt Bomer in Ralph Lauren Black Label


Lupita Nyong’o in Giambattista Valli Couture





Rosamund Pike in Vera Wang


Ruth Wilson in Prada



Kerry Washington in Mary Katrantzou



Claire Danes in Valentino



Keira Knightly in Chanel




New Year’s Gym Etiquette

Health and fitness concept. Before and after weight loss by

Of course the gym is packed, it’s January. There’s nothing else to do and everyone has been washing down their shortbread with eggnog for the last month. We’re in the same boat, too much eating, drinking, lazing, snacking and sipping. But the show goes on, it’s a new year, and another opportunity to evaluate our fitness goals.

This week on the Virgin Morning Show we’re talking about gym etiquette. For the most part, we find that people at the gym are pretty friendly (maybe we just go to an exceptionally great gym) but there is always room for improvement on the little stuff. Here are our suggestion on how to exercise your brain, in addition to your brawn.

1. Be Welcoming to the new people (or January bandwagon folk) – sure, a busier gym is annoying but don’t stink eye the newbies. It’s hard enough to get to the gym without being made to feel like a loser. 

2. Cut the chit-chat (or at lease keep it to yourselves) – whether you’re on the phone or next to your BFF, we don’t need to hear about every detail of your life.

3. Carry a towel – leaving your sweat anywhere is gross.

4. Don’t hog the water fountain by filling up your Big Gulp-sized water bottle. I just want a sip, I promise I’ll be quick!

5. Wear underwear – guys, you know those lightweight workout shorts you wear, put some ginch under them. There’s no need to be flopping around like a freshly caught trout (or goldfish, whatever the case may be) for all to see. It’s weird.

And remember, KEEP FIT AND HAVE FUN!

Love, the Style Guys.