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Oscars 2015, Red Carpet Roundup

Yesterday marked the 2015 Oscars, and for us the Red Carpet is THE most exciting part of the whole night. The most coveted night for fashion lovers and fashion houses alike, the Red Carpet for this years awards did not disappoint. There were of course some amazing hits and disastrous misses as per usual and here are top picks for the stars that really worked it out for us and ones that did not.


 Calgary girls nail it; Tegan & Sara are a HIT.
Solange Knowles wears a red carpet ON the red carpet: MISS.
Gwyneth Paltrow inspired her inner ballerina: MISS
Jennifer Lopez would like to remind you (yet again) that she has a great rack: MISS
Rita Ora wows us: HIT
Emma Stone is delicious in this unexpected green number: HIT
ScarJo, love it: HIT
All hail Queen Lupita: HIT
Marion Cotillard, a beautiful woman in a terrible dress: MISS

What to Wear to the Black and White Ball

March 7th, 2015 at the Fairmont Palliser, Decidedly Jazz will host the Black & White Ball. So, what to wear? Saturday we shared some ideas of Global TV on how to get the look and not break the bank.

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The Fashions We Love to Hate

The great thing about fashion is that it sparks debate. Aside from maybe a black leather jacket, there is really no other piece of clothing that almost anyone can wear, or wants to. So with NYFW just wrapping up, we wanted to look at some of the trends that are here now, coming, or maybe never should have. You be the judge!

Nail Art

This one has been around for a while, and we thought it might be drawing to an end but it’s only getting more insane. Right now we’re seeing graphic art, jewels, stencilled art and sparkles. Who knew? Were our moms were right all along?

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 10.21.56 AM



Hippy chic or bohemian nightmare? Fringes are everywhere from casual street-wear to evening-wear. The key to this one is to wear in moderation or you may end up looking like you’re wearing a costume.


70s Flared Jeans

This one comes and goes every few years. It’s a fun trend but doesn’t look great on everyone. Typically better on taller people or with really high shoes… the jury is out on this one.


Kanye’s Riot

This is one for the loyal Kanye fans. A collaboration with Adidas, Kanye was inspired by the London-riots of 2011. He went on to claim he is “The Robin Hood of Fashion.” We’re not quite sure where we are wearing these pieces but if we do get a hankering for some looting we know what’s on-trend.






All About the Custom & Valentine’s Day

Custom is the word that is trending lately. In fashion, interiors, and accessories its all about going custom. For the most part, custom has always had a large price tag, but we are finding of late, that there are a lot of brands offering up custom options that can make your piece stand out from the rest. Here are our top picks for going custom for your next purchase.
And the clip from today’s 98.5 Virgin Radio show is below:
1. Poppy Barley: Custom Shoes 
We love shoes and custom shoes make us even more giddy. Poppy Barely, a company based in Edmonton has perfected the art of a custom shoe. The styles are fantastic and so many to choose to from.
2. Maya Gohill: Custom Portraits 
Some may think its a little conceited however you’d be lying to your self if you have never thought about having a portrait done of  your self. Maya Gohill is an illustrator that has started to work out these beautiful custom portraits. Unique and so much fun, giving these as a gift or gifting yourself, would be an amazing idea!
3. Roll Out: Custom Wallpaper
Custom wallpaper to fit any space and style. Roll out has been known to create some unique wallpaper patterns. Give them a colour, pattern, look, or style and they can come up with something unique just for your space.
4. Custom Shirts & Suits
For a lot of men, the thought of purchasing a custom suit or shirt is way out of their price reach, but Indochino offers just that – for a great price and delivered within about 6 weeks. Great for everyday workwear, suits, tuxedos and accessories, and perfect for guys who struggle to find off the rack that fits. www.indochino.comIndochino