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Dear Style Guys

It’s always great when we receive a listener email. It’s like we’re a modern yet less buttoned-up Dear Abby! Hope we’ve helped.

Dear Style Guys,

I would love it if you would do a segment on where young women can find appropriate, yet fashionable pieces for the office. It’s hard to find a skirt in this town that isn’t thigh high, make me look old or cause me to miss a mortgage payment.  This is an on-going discussion with my professional female friends.  We don’t know where to shop or how to turn classic business attire into stand-out business attire. When I visit big box stores that are in my price range I feel like screaming.

I live in a very nice neighbourhood which is home to mostly  45-55 women who have given up on fashion altogether. I see them hanging out in yoga wear carrying expensive bags. I fear I will become one of them.

I remember my mother looking so polished and well-dressed when I was a young but she used to sew her own classic and elegant wardrobe.  She even sewed my high school graduation dress – a replica of Chanel dress I found in a magazine.  It was stunning.

Please help,
Frustrated professional

Dear Frustrated,

Props to you for wanting to look stylish, professional and put together. It’s a jungle out there, for sure. Especially on a budget it’s not easy to what you’re looking for. Here are some tips:

– Find a tailor! Sometimes when you find that perfect number but it’s a bit too long or loose, just get it altered. Take it in, bring it up, cinch it where it needs to be cinched. Many women don’t use tailors and it’s a must. It’s not as expensive as you think, especially if you find an affordable piece of clothing.

– Accessorize with classic jewelry. You know that brooch your mother wears? Maybe you think it’s too old for you but in fact if you wear it in a more modern way you will turn heads and look like a million bucks. Try pinning a cute scarf, on a hat, or on a simple jacket (that you’ve had tailored).

– See a stylist, or just ask the shop-owners. Don’t be embarrassed about asking for help. We all get stuck in ruts and give up (well you do, we don’t). Let someone else pick out your clothes and try them on. Don’t turn your nose up at it until you’ve got it on in front of a full-length mirror.

– Buy your investment pieces in neutral colours. You won’t get away with wearing that red blazer more than once a month before you turn into, the girl with the red blazer. Buy black, grey and brown suiting and jackets, then spice them up with variety. These are the investment pieces so spend a little extra for top quality.

Love, the Style Guys




Decorating Mad Men Style for 24 Hours Vancouver


The craze over the TV show Mad Men never seems to end. Everyone covets a fitted suit and skinny tie, but for a lot of stylish dudes this is where it stops. They forget that Mad Men is not only about the fashion, it’s also about the interior esthetics. After all, our homes are as much an extension of our style as our clothes.

The mid-century mode you see in Mad Men is all about sophistication, clean lines and a refined esthetic. It is simple and uncluttered, and each quality piece has great details.

Ready to indulge? Here is a list of our favourite pieces, each epitomizing that early ‘50s look — and at a cost that will leave you with enough for another skinny tie. Be sure to accent these pieces with bold, abstract expressionist art and you are well on your way to embracing the whole lifestyle (just don’t start smoking, that’s gross).

Check out us out bi-monthly for 24 Hours Vancouver.


Plenty comes to Calgary

PLENTY opened up its first Alberta location in Calgary. We were invited to the launch and are thrilled to welcome another chic fashion retailer to Calgary! The more the merrier.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 5


Fashion Victim or Fashion Icon?

True, trends come and go. While it is always good to be current in fashion, it’s really not about what’s hot and new all the time, it’s about finding your own personal style. You don’t want to be that guy or girl that is walking around decked out in head to toe trends, dressed like a mennequin. Your personal style shows that you aren’t trying to hard… AKA a fashion victim.

Inject YOUR personality into your clothing choices and you will make a statement no matter what is on-trend for the season. Here are a few of our favourite trend setters and why we love them. They may not make the “it” list every day but each has a style that’s all their own.

Iris Apfel

She has long been a trend setter. Jet-setting all over the globe and picking up outrageous pieces to inject into her wardrobe. Daring, charismatic and fabulous! She had a whole exhibit at the MET in New York dedicated to her wardrobe. Now that shows a true fashion maven. You’ll recognize her by her signature round glasses.

Lenny Kravitz

Music icon and a fashion icon. This man has hit the mark when it comes to personal style. Rocker, edgy, bohemian and sophisticated. He can pull of any look and damn good every time. Think about using scarves, necklaces and other cool accessories.














Kelly Osborne

We love that she is always doing something surprising. She has really mastered the mix of high/low, dressy/casual, bohemian/sparkly. She hasn’t always hit the fashion mark, but made a statement with her look and that’s why we love her. Think about going to many stores and mixing high-low. Layer!


Johnny Depp

A man after our own hearts… A good fashion accessory. He continues to make scarf and hat-wearing fashionable and chic . His eclectic style sets him apart from everyone else. And the fact that he doesn’t really follow trends, makes him that much more appealing. We love hat-wearers, just make sure you have good ones, and don’t over-wear them.



Canuck Kicks!

Converse and the Hudsons Bay have collaborated to create one of a kind kicks with the iconic Hudson Bay Stripe. This makes us very happy because we LOVE Converse and the Bay’s classic stripe. The combo makes for a fabulous statement to any outfit. Perfect for to amp up a fall outfit and to keep your tootsies warm as the shoe is made from the actual Hudsons Bay Blanket. Coming in 3 one of a kind styles, they will be available fall 2013.

Prices range from $120-$140 and will be available September 1, 2013. Converse x Hudson's Bay Company


Back to School 2013 Savings Secrets with Crossirion Mills (Global Morning)

Back to school time again (or as our brothers call it, ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”) and this year we had some fun on Global TV with fashions from H&M and the Gap Factory Store. We shared some Crossiron Mills Savings Secrets with viewers and had a lot of laughs working with the young’uns.


Alexandra wore bright and fun layers from the Gap Factory store. We loved mixing the dark blue camouflage print pants and the pink cardigan and shoes.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 8.40.26 AM


We went more rocker with Cassie who wore H&M bright blue denim, a fun starred sweater and a black leather jacket with skull studding on the back.


Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 8.40.18 AM

Jeyton looked really cool in his Gap Factory ‘Stones’ tee, vest and casual denim.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 8.40.32 AM


And young Noel ruled the layers with H&M denim, cassette sweater, collared shirt and khaki pants.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 8.40.38 AM

And no back to school segment would be complete without a sill-face shot, right? Why not?




MTV’s Video Music Awards HITS

Miley may have had an epic letdown and ‘N Sync reunited but the VMAs for us are all about the red carpet style. Here are some of our favourite hits from the night.

Glee’s Darren Criss looked amazing in a maroon suit, black shirt and purple tie. He even went for it with the contrasting pockets square. Well played, Darren.




Coco Rocha rocked it with a Grease Lightning-inspired look with a Fausto Puglisi black leather embossed jacket.



The belle of the ball, Holland Roden looked like a star in this Naeem Khan dress.




Alison Williams in an ivory Valentino dress. High style at the VMA’s, we loved it.




Back to School Savings Secrets From Crossiron Mills

It’s back to school time and you want to make sure you are looking your best not only on the first day of school but for the rest of the year. We love hitting up CrossIron Mills for our best buys as it’s filled with the most amazing stores and of course, the latest and greatest in trends. When shopping for items, you don’t want to be THAT person that wears their new wardrobe to death so here are a few tips to think about when shopping for back to school.

Our mornings are pretty nippy, so don’t be caught with unattractive goose bumps on your body whilst sporting a tank top and short. Be smart and think about layering with scrarves, lighter jackets for the fall, and sweaters. Pieces that you can take off once our hot fall afternoons come to play!

Gap1 Gap3Gap2

Yes, back to school is all about that one item everyone is coveting. Get it, but also buy pieces such as blazers, jackets, and pants that you can pair with other items in your wardrobe so you are not wearing out that one piece and you become known as the guy with the one and only fancy shirt.


Remember not to take a trend too far. You don’t want to be dressed in head to toe fluorescent colours even though they are a trend. You want to make a statement with your fashion but a good statement! Keep the trend to a one or two pieces maximum and you wont go wrong. Just because Bad Girl Ri Ri is working it, you don’t have to.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 4.49.55 PM