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Originally posted in 24 Hours Vancouver February 12, 2014 Let’s face it: winter is in full effect and starting to feel long. All we can think about is staying warm and snug, making roaring fires, wrapping up in rich textiles, and wearing chunky knits. But unless you’re a snowbird (and we wish we were), the best way to get through the long winter is to get out to the hills and cozy up. On a recent mountain getaway (complete with skiing and apres-skiing) we got talking about our favourite winter

Originally posted on 24 Hours Vancouver January 28, 2014 If you follow the Chinese zodiac, you know that Jan. 31 marks the New Year, and 2014 is the year of the horse. It is said that if you are born under this sign you are bright, expressive, witty and popular. And you like to host parties for your many friends. The description of the horse is actually similar to what we’re seeing in design in 2014 — creating spaces that are interesting, bold, and great places to entertain. Here are

Originally posted in 24 Hours Vancouver January 14, 2014 If you’re a man who is OK with standing out, making a statement, and not shying away from pattern, you should get to know Mr Turk. They call it California dapper, we call it the reason why we come home from Palm Springs with lighter wallets. Mr Turk, a.k.a. Jonathan Skow, is husband to modernist womenswear and accessory designer Trina Turk. The two met in 1981 and have been creating together ever since. Skow is also a stylist and celebrity photographer, shooting some

This year we’ve put the Ugly Christmas Sweater on the naughty list — buttons, rhinestones, patchwork and bells need not apply. Instead, this Christmas we are in luck because chunky knits, fantastic prints and smart layering have never been more on-trend. Dressed up or dressed down these holiday looks are fa-la-la-la-la-fabulous. Originally posted in 24 Hours Vancouver   

Holiday shopping just got a lot easier thanks to the Crossiron Mills Holiday Gift Guide Application. Next time you are at Crossiron Mills head over the ‘wind’ section of the mall and right outside of the Disney store you will find touch screens with the Style Guys curated gift application. Touch the screen and drag your favourite times into your shopping bag, then send that list to your loved ones via email, Facebook or Twitter. Who knows, maybe they will appear under the tree! November 30, 2013 Global Calgary and Crossiron Mills

Originally posted on 24 Hours Vancouver.  The polka dot is back. No, we’re not going to look like we’re en route to a costume party dressed like a clown or the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This time we’re seeing it in more subtle ways. And they’re popping up everywhere — socks, shirts, pants and sweaters. The key to pulling off this season’s go-to print is scale. Try a miniature version with a mostly solid look if you’re ready to dabble or go over-scale to make a big statement. This week,

Originally posted in 24 Hours Vancouver A short while back, we received an e-mail from a man who had recently shed a few pounds and was ready to treat himself to some new clothes. Like many men, he had never included a lot of colour into his wardrobe, but feels that now is the time. So, how do men do this? It can be scary for males to buy colour for themselves and the big question is: how much is too much? No guy wants to feel like a clown

Calgary Men, if you’ve never had a custom suit made, now’s the time. Many men believe that it’s too expensive or too slick for their taste, but fear not, the team at Indochino have the entire process worked out for you. First, they measure you. And no, it’s not like a sitcom episode with an inseam punchline. Trained staff get all of your measurements and build you a custom profile using their iPhones or iPads. Then, once your profile is built you start shopping. You have your choice of fabrics

Originally written for 24 Hours Vancouver by the Style Guys: It happened: it’s not warm enough anymore to go coatless. Not even a long-sleeved tee will suffice anymore — it is time to embrace the fall coat. Now before you dig through your storage closet for the heavy-duty wool and goose down, we encourage you to instead warm up through layers. A chic fall coat is a must for any stylish man and we recommend you have a couple of good light jackets on hand, roomy enough to layer

It’s always great when we receive a listener email. It’s like we’re a modern yet less buttoned-up Dear Abby! Hope we’ve helped. Dear Style Guys, I would love it if you would do a segment on where young women can find appropriate, yet fashionable pieces for the office. It’s hard to find a skirt in this town that isn’t thigh high, make me look old or cause me to miss a mortgage payment.  This is an on-going discussion with my professional female friends.  We don’t know where to shop or

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