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“Out of the Box” Valentine’s Day Gifts

Looking for something special for that someone special? Watch our latest segment on Global TV Calgary. Below is more information on each item and links to where you can find them.

XO The Style Guys

Chefs Plate: www.chefsplate.com
Valentine’s Day is all about experiences. It’s not just about the gift! Chefs Plate is a great example of that. Chefs Plate is a Canadian meal-kit delivery service that provides all the farm fresh ingredients and step-by-step recipe instructions to create a delicious, nutritious and balanced meal at home in 30 minutes or less. Meal kits are delivered to your door in a refrigerated box. Open the box and focus on cooking and creating at home. Servings start at under $10 so it’s really affordable too!

Dewar’s Scotch: www.dewars.com
Dewar’s 12 is the world’s most awarded blended whiskey! This scotch is double aged for a smoother taste, married in oak casks, blended, then placed back into the oak for another 6 months – this gives it a great smoothness and longer, lingering finish.

XO PM: www.xotreatmentroom.com
A calming remedy specially designed in Calgary for our dry, Calgary climate! XO PM is a serum designed with a precious blend of anti-inflammatory antioxidants, vitamins, and lipids to calm and heal your complexion. Not just for her – makes a great beard oil as well!

Picture Keeper: www.picturekeeper.com
A great gift for a couple who wants to keep their memories for a lifetime. This device works on both Android and Apple products when you simply download the app and connect the device. Forget about cloud servers and ongoing payments, this keeps your photos safe. The best part, it remembers where you left off in your download and picks it up from there. And for a limited time use the promo code “STYLEGUYS” and get 50% off!

Friday Flowers: www.fridayflowers.ca
Floral arrangements by Alykhan Velji Designs. Aly and his team are also doing special Valentine’s Day arrangements on February 14, available by pickup from their Bridgeland office. Order soon, these flowers are going fast!



Nobody is more excited about Zealander 2 than we are. Arriving in theatres on February 12, we have a pair of passes to see the film in Calgary after it opens, all we want is for you to send us your best BLUE STEEL pose. Tag us on instagram (@thestyleguysca) and follow us, and we’ll put you in the draw for the tickets.

Not sure how to do BLUE STEEL? Check out the Blue Steel pose guide below.

Happy Zoolandering!

ZOOLANDER 2 - Blue Steel Guide


Top 5 Trends for Fall 2015 – TAKE 5 with the Style Guys

Thanks for all of your support as we take on our next venture:


Here is episode 1 – Top 5 Trends for Fall 2015. Enjoy!

Big thanks to CrossIron Mills, Bookstrucker Photography and Lemonade Pictures!


Nordstrom opening gala



Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 8.34.42 PM

Last night, we had the great privilege of being invited to the opening gala of Nordstrom’s first location in Canada. The night was filled with fantastic eats, cocktails (no red wine, of course!), an R&B band that rivalled Bruno Mars and let’s not forget fashion to make you giddy. The streamlined and modern aesthetic of the store was the perfect to backdrop for this fabulous soiree attended by the who’s who of fashion and society peeps of Calgary. The gala night was also a fundraiser for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation and United Way of Calgary and raised $180,000.

The store officially opens Friday September 19, 2014. We thought to share some of our fun selfies from the night taken with some of our great fashionable friends!

We know we will have to make several trips back to the store to get the complete experience and pick up a thing or two while we are there. 😉

Check out: Nordstrom Calgary

Listen to our segment on Virgin Radio (starts at 04:19):












Fall 2014 Shoe Trends & Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life

This weekend is one of our city’s most important fundraising events – the Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life. The event kicks off at Eau Claire Plaza at 11AM and is hosted by HIV Community Link a resource for HIV prevention, support and advocacy. This year’s fundraising goal is to raise $110,000 and continue to raise awareness and reduce the harm associated with HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C for all individuals.

If you’re interested in walking or donating, click here.

AND if you’re going to walk, don’t forget to look your best of course! Here are some suggestions on what footwear you might consider wearing to this year’s walk – practical or not for Fall.

Listen to the segment from Virgin Radio:


Ankle boots are everywhere. Practical and easy to wear, an ankle boot is perfect for pants, skirts or even shorts while the weather lasts!


Over the knee boots. Look out pretty woman, they are back. Wear these with a more tame outfit to balance the look.


Animal print. You don’t have to run like a leopard to rock this hot fall trend.




The chelsea boot – The no lace ankle boots can be worn with jeans or suits and are now coming out in lots of colour combinations.


Brogues (boots and shoes) – these are everywhere! The stitched toe adds some visual interest and they can be dressed up or down.


Smart athletic shoes – think quilted leather, slip ons, and always make sure your sole is clean if you are buying white soled shoes (Magic Erasers work great).



How to Pick Yourself Up After a Breakup

On Virgin radio this week, we’re talking how to give your self a little pick-me-up after you’ve gone through a breakup. Making that decision to go out on your own again is a tough one, and often there are hurt feelings, esteem issues and cash issues. So, how do you give yourself a style boost when you’re feeling low?

We are exploring this topic for an upcoming presentation we’re giving at the Divorce Transition Weekend taking place at the Banff Springs Hotel from October 3-5. This exciting weekend is designed to change your life and give clarity on how to move forward with a successful new life. Topics cover all areas of life including finance, fitness, legal issues, and of course style! Ours is the first presentation of the weekend — designed to start the weekend off in a light and positive way.

Broken Heart


We have a limited number of free tickets we would like to share with you so if you or someone you know needs a weekend like this email us! info@thestyleguys.ca. 






Quick tips: 

1. Get back to the gym. We’re not saying you need to lose weight or bulk up but nothing will perk up your mood and put some blood back in your face like some fitness. Whatever your fitness poison – lifting weights, yoga, a walk, a swim, just make the time and get back into it.

2. Purge your closet. If you still have your wedding dress or tux hanging in your closet but the nuptials are over, get rid of it! Gifts from your ex that remind you of them every time you see them–OUT! If they have value and you don’t want to toss it quite yet (think diamonds) put them in a vault or give them to a trusted friend who can keep them safe and out of site.

3. Get your hair did. Yup, simple and affordable. A new do will bring much needed compliments and a fresh outlook.

4. Buy some new shoes. Why shoes? Because putting your best foot forward is more than a metaphor. New shoes or boots that feel substantial will make you feel like you’re ready to kick ass. Think about power shoes, dressed up boots, or if they make you feel great–high-tops. It doesn’t really matter as long as you can put them on and you feel powerful.



Indochino Traveling Tailor: Calgary Style Guys Blog

Calgary Men, if you’ve never had a custom suit made, now’s the time. Many men believe that it’s too expensive or too slick for their taste, but fear not, the team at Indochino have the entire process worked out for you.

First, they measure you. And no, it’s not like a sitcom episode with an inseam punchline. Trained staff get all of your measurements and build you a custom profile using their iPhones or iPads. Then, once your profile is built you start shopping. You have your choice of fabrics and cuts for suits all starting at $449. And really, where can you get a suit for $449, nonetheless custom made? Unless you’re planning a trip to Hoi An, Vietnam, this is your best bet for the price.

In a couple of short weeks you’ll have your custom suit to your door. And if it doesn’t fit they’ll fix it for you, either with a credit at a local tailor or make a new one.

Indochino will be in Calgary until November 24th, right across from City Hall (237 8th Avenue SE). Visit www.indochino.com. 


Calgary Style Guy Jason getting fit for a custom suit.

Style Guy Fitting

Calgary style blog, the Style Guys visits Indochino

Indochino comes to Calgary, the traveling tailor

Great looking custom suits for Calgary Men

Great looking custom suits for Calgary Men

Choose your fabric... any fabric.

Choose your fabric… any fabric.