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What to Wear to the Black and White Ball

March 7th, 2015 at the Fairmont Palliser, Decidedly Jazz will host the Black & White Ball. So, what to wear? Saturday we shared some ideas of Global TV on how to get the look and not break the bank.

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The Fashions We Love to Hate

The great thing about fashion is that it sparks debate. Aside from maybe a black leather jacket, there is really no other piece of clothing that almost anyone can wear, or wants to. So with NYFW just wrapping up, we wanted to look at some of the trends that are here now, coming, or maybe never should have. You be the judge!

Nail Art

This one has been around for a while, and we thought it might be drawing to an end but it’s only getting more insane. Right now we’re seeing graphic art, jewels, stencilled art and sparkles. Who knew? Were our moms were right all along?

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 10.21.56 AM



Hippy chic or bohemian nightmare? Fringes are everywhere from casual street-wear to evening-wear. The key to this one is to wear in moderation or you may end up looking like you’re wearing a costume.


70s Flared Jeans

This one comes and goes every few years. It’s a fun trend but doesn’t look great on everyone. Typically better on taller people or with really high shoes… the jury is out on this one.


Kanye’s Riot

This is one for the loyal Kanye fans. A collaboration with Adidas, Kanye was inspired by the London-riots of 2011. He went on to claim he is “The Robin Hood of Fashion.” We’re not quite sure where we are wearing these pieces but if we do get a hankering for some looting we know what’s on-trend.






2015 Food Trends

Sure, we talk a lot about fashion, decor, events, celebs, etc, but this week we wanted to expand our horizons and talk about something we love as much as we do our shoes: food! In fact, we actually love cooking (and baking), and have accepted the fact that we will never have abs.

We have many foodie friends, and read a lot of food blogs, and this year there are a few things that seem to be unanimous among the food lovers of the world. Let us tell you, the year ahead is going to be delicious!


Slices of Butter1. Fat is back. Full fat. Yeah baby!

There is an ongoing battle among doctors about what is good for us and what is bad for us and is seems that the word right now is about eating real food, less sugar and more good cholesterol (or something like, that, we’re not fricken doctors here). And you know what’s real? Butter. Butter on toast, butter in sauce, even butter in coffee.



background2.  Whole Grains

Your digestive track is going to love you. Hemp, chia, freekeh, spelt. We don’t know what they are but they’re going to creep their way not he side of your plate, eventually taking centre stage.




mojito cocktail with lime and mint on wooden table3. Cocktail Culture 

Things are looking way up… Calgary’s cocktail culture is really starting to catch up to other big cities. You’re going to drink more infused, muddled, bittered, foamed cocktails than ever. Of course, they start at $12 but they’re worth it.



Ceramic bowl with sauerkraut over wooden background4. Everything pickled

Bitter, fermented, pickled food is taking over from sweet. Think pickled veg, sauerkraut, kimchi, and if we’re really lucky pickled eggs. Just keep that Kombucha fermented tea to yourself.


99.9 Virgin Radio Toronto: 2015 Spring Trends

We always love visiting Toronto and it’s always a pleasure to see Mad Dog and Maura at 99.9 Virgin Radio. This time the topic was Spring 2015 trends, and what we should be leaving behind from Spring 2014. Take listen to the full segment below!

The Style Guysstyle



She Wore Yellow

It’s not a colour that hangs in everyone’s closet but it should be. Yellow is going to be in popping up everywhere. Just remember, not all yellows are created equally, the trick is to find a shade that goes well with your skin tone.





Not pants, not shorts, culottes. A proper fitting pair of culottes flows away from the body, kind of like a skirt would, and hits mid calf. They are a great look to dress up with a blazer and shows off a killer pair of shoes. Perfect for the office or a night out, but if worn too casually will look like you’re wearing capri pants.






Given that we’re Calgary guys, we see gingham every spring and summer, as people gear up for the Stampede. In fact, I’m pretty sure most retailers send all of their gingham to Calgary and mark it up in time for Stampede. Find a modern cut for this pattern so you avoid looking like you’re wrapped up in a picnic table cloth or heading out to a rockabilly show.





AllWhiteAll White

It’s Hampton’s chic, country-club brunch, polo party and yachting attire, and now it’s for the rest of us too. Probably not the best choice for a spaghetti dinner, or really, anything, but it’s fashion, so get your all white look on, don’t touch anything or anyone, don’t sit down or even leave your house. There aren’t enough Tide to Go sticks in Canada to get us in all-white, but if you’re brave, enjoy!



Active Wear – Keeping you Fit & Stylish

In case you missed us on The Global Morning Show (Saturday January 17th), here are some of the hottest trends from Crossiron Mills including Sport Check, Adidas and Reebok.

A huge thanks to the Nobles, Brad from Anytime Fitness, and Tish (Train With Tish).










New Year’s Gym Etiquette

Health and fitness concept. Before and after weight loss by

Of course the gym is packed, it’s January. There’s nothing else to do and everyone has been washing down their shortbread with eggnog for the last month. We’re in the same boat, too much eating, drinking, lazing, snacking and sipping. But the show goes on, it’s a new year, and another opportunity to evaluate our fitness goals.

This week on the Virgin Morning Show we’re talking about gym etiquette. For the most part, we find that people at the gym are pretty friendly (maybe we just go to an exceptionally great gym) but there is always room for improvement on the little stuff. Here are our suggestion on how to exercise your brain, in addition to your brawn.

1. Be Welcoming to the new people (or January bandwagon folk) – sure, a busier gym is annoying but don’t stink eye the newbies. It’s hard enough to get to the gym without being made to feel like a loser. 

2. Cut the chit-chat (or at lease keep it to yourselves) – whether you’re on the phone or next to your BFF, we don’t need to hear about every detail of your life.

3. Carry a towel – leaving your sweat anywhere is gross.

4. Don’t hog the water fountain by filling up your Big Gulp-sized water bottle. I just want a sip, I promise I’ll be quick!

5. Wear underwear – guys, you know those lightweight workout shorts you wear, put some ginch under them. There’s no need to be flopping around like a freshly caught trout (or goldfish, whatever the case may be) for all to see. It’s weird.

And remember, KEEP FIT AND HAVE FUN!

Love, the Style Guys.


Shopping for the right winter coat

There’s no doubt about it, the winter chill is here, and if you’re in the market for a new winter coat you will be overwhelmed with choice. We are both looking for winter coats ourselves and have been struggling, what length, what colour, what weight? Here are  a few things to ask yourself before you hit the stores (or possibly make a bad purchase):

1.How many jackets do you already have and what do you need (and can afford)? 

Winter coats are expensive! Wouldn’t it be great to have as many jackets as you do pair of shoes? If you really need a jacket that can serve all duties then spend the most you can on a quality one that will last for a few years. If you can afford a few options then by all means, enjoy the variety and think about which ones are best for your lifestyle.

2. How exposed are you to the elements?

Are you the person who drives from your attached garage to an underground parked, walks the +15s all day and then goes home? In this case, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have a really heavy jacket and a wool coat will work to cover up as you run into the bank. If you ride transit, need to wait at a bus stop, have a long walk from the car to the office, need to sit in a rink while your kid plays hockey at 7AM then by all means, think very warm coats like down-filled.

3. What will you be wearing underneath this jacket? 

If you wear a suit to work then make sure you have enough room inside to button it up over your blazer, fit is very important. Think about how you’ll be steering your car when you have these layers on, give yourself room to breath. If you are typically not wearing more than one layer (or covering up your mom-0-flage in the morning), then something more fitted can work.

4. Length- two key considerations here:
1. will you be sitting down on something cold?  If so, then a longer jacket will definitely be your friend.

2. will something be sticking out from under it? Think about what you wear after you take your jacket off. Are you someone who wears long sweaters, blazers, long shirts? If so, a long jacket will keep you looking great. If you like the bomber style jacket, and have things tucked in, it will work.

5. Colour/materials

This is a big one for busy parents who have to deal with messes in the back seat, carrying too many things at once or are trying to have their coffee, answer a call, take a note, all at once (basically breaking every Alberta distracted driving law). Likely a cloth jacket, lighter in colour will be ruined by the new year. Look for something that wipes off easily, probably black, navy or dark grey. If you have options or a cleaner lifestyle then look at other great neutrals like camel or grey.

Stay warm out there!
The Style Guys

Adventure mountain man


Giving Thanks

It’s not often we get one bit serious on Virgin Radio but this week we want to talk about just a few of the reasons why we are truly thankful.

1. Food in our bellies and a soon to be finished kitchen. It’s been four long months since we had a flood in our house and this week we’ll be able to cook in our home again. It’s a miracle that we have not doubled in size.


2. Careers that we love. What other country could we be two young dudes owning our own businesses AND having fun as the Style Guys.


3. Our health. This is a no-brainer. And we’re going to give some of the credit to having an Anytime Fitness a few blocks from our house… complete with trainer Brad.


4. We have the most loving and supportive families and friends. We’re so grateful that they are understanding that we can’t always be at everything but they have to know that we have nothing but love! This includes our friends at Virgin Radio – Marc, Danaye, Fuzzy and Boss Chad who keep having us back, and to the listeners that put up with us every Friday.

VirginMorningShow Veljis Krells

5. Each other. And we hope that you all have big crushes too.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!




It is over already?! After a busy week in Toronto, we finish up the week with Matthew Gallagher’s closing show and Mary Lou Banks (Lulu B Jewelry). We also chatted with Paul from the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism and Colin & Justin!

And don’t forget, tweet @jasonkrell and @alyvelji why you need a stylish holiday, and the hashtag #StyleGuysCayman for your chance to win a trip with us to the Cayman Islands and $1000 to Crossiron Mills.

Big shout out to Judy Gabriel from Hot Biz Media!


World Mastercard Fashion Week – Friday – Closing Night from Jason Krell on Vimeo.



DAY 4 from World MasterCard Fashion Week!

We got our fashion second wind with F/W 14 collections from Bustle and Rudsak. Two great shows and a chance encounter with Calgary designer Caitlin Power!

And don’t forget, tweet @jasonkrell and @alyvelji why you need a stylish holiday, and the hashtag #StyleGuysCayman for your chance to win a trip with us to the Cayman Islands and $1000 to Crossiron Mills.

Big shout out to Judy Gabriel from Hot Biz Media!


The Style Guys at World MasterCard Fashion Week F/W 2014, Day 4 from Jason Krell on Vimeo.

Rudsak 20th Anniversary!