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Dorm Rooms Do’s

It’s back to school time and for those of you that are heading to post secondary or somewhere abroad, you will most likely be staying in a dorm. Now most dorms come with a bed, night stand and that is pretty much it. Now, remember you will be spending a lot of time (studying of course) in these spaces, so make sure you are adding some personality to these spaces. How do you do this, you ask? Well, we are here to help. Check out the video below and our list of Do’s to make your dorm room have some major swag!

  1. Pattern and Texture – You can introduce pattern and texture through your bedding, window coverings, and artwork. Think bold and bright colour and have fun with your patterns. Mix and match and create a unique look thats all your own.
  2. Organization is Key – baskets, storage pieces, dual duty furniture is what you need to ensure you are organized through out the year. Have a space for everything so you don’t have everything all over your room. You don’t have to be scrambling in  the morning to find your books, shoes, or laptop.
  3. Don’t forget about lighting – Lighting is key. One centre light fixture in your room will not do. Think about table lamps and floor lamps for accent lighting. Trust us, it will help when you are up late cramming for that exam that you forgot you had!

Check out these amazing finds from Homesense!

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A great clip that was featured on BT Calgary:

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 8.24.55 PM









CURATE launches in YYC

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 7.37.43 PM

Be The Style Guys, we not only focus on fashion and style, but also home decor. Aly, being a designer (Alykhan Velji Designs) is launching an exciting new venture called CURATE here in Calgary. The concept is basically a store within a store. CURATE has taken over a part of KIYA Home, that has recently opened in Deerfoot Meadows. He has handpicked some of his favourite artists and designers to be showcased in his first ever collection called Made in Canada. Each piece is hand made, designed, or developed in Canada. His goal was to bring high quality, beautifully designed pieces so that everyone has access to them, not just designers.

Aly has also collaborated with a local concrete artist, Mtharu in designing 3 gorgeous pieces for the home including a set of coasters, candle holders and votive holders. (These you will just have to go to KIYA Home and check it out!)

Here are a few of the great pieces that you will see:

Carl and Rose, hand made clock

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 7.22.41 PM

Design Lump, charcuterie board with porcelain cup

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 7.22.30 PM

Lint and Honey, decorative pillows

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 7.22.19 PM

Northern Rusic, print

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 7.22.02 PM

Rekindle hand turned plates

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 7.21.54 PM

Zoe Pawlak, chalk drawing

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 7.21.40 PM

BanoeeMee, leather bowties

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 7.22.50 PM

Andronyk, rings

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 7.22.59 PM


‘Mountain Modern’ style for the home

Originally posted in 24 Hours Vancouver
February 12, 2014

Let’s face it: winter is in full effect and starting to feel long. All we can think about is staying warm and snug, making roaring fires, wrapping up in rich textiles, and wearing chunky knits. But unless you’re a snowbird (and we wish we were), the best way to get through the long winter is to get out to the hills and cozy up.

On a recent mountain getaway (complete with skiing and apres-skiing) we got talking about our favourite winter resorts. There are some amazing properties to visit, while others just don’t quite get it right. They become kitschy, missing the right touch of modern elegance.

So this week we focus on an alpine-chalet look we’re calling “Modern Mountain,” and the key pieces you need to get it.




Agnes Chandelier, Roll & Hill (rollandhill.com)
We love everything about this chandelier is it’s the ideal mix of modern and rustic. Reminiscent of a tree branch or even a snowflake, the gorgeous gold finish gives it a glamour edge perfect for a dream mountain escape.







Strandmon Wing Chair, IKEA (IKEA.com)
In design, wing chairs are back in full-force. IKEA has brought back this mid-century marvel from a vintage collection and it fits perfectly in a modern mountain space. The grey is also inviting, making this the kind of chair you’d want to curl up in (with a glass of wine, of course).






Icelandic Sheepskin Pillow, 29 Armstrong (29armstrong.com)
Made in Copenhagen, this gorgeous sheepskin pillow adds visual interest and warmth. It’s where design meets nature: great to layer with other textiles to create the luxury that is needed in a mountain getaway.




Chevron Mirror, Crate and Barrel (crateandbarrel.com)
This unexpected, hand-worked bamboo mirror is done in the perfect whitewashed finish. The obvious choice would have been cedar or pine, but instead try the organic edge of bamboo in a chevron pattern. The look is super modern and adds that little element of surprise.




Decorating Mad Men Style for 24 Hours Vancouver


The craze over the TV show Mad Men never seems to end. Everyone covets a fitted suit and skinny tie, but for a lot of stylish dudes this is where it stops. They forget that Mad Men is not only about the fashion, it’s also about the interior esthetics. After all, our homes are as much an extension of our style as our clothes.

The mid-century mode you see in Mad Men is all about sophistication, clean lines and a refined esthetic. It is simple and uncluttered, and each quality piece has great details.

Ready to indulge? Here is a list of our favourite pieces, each epitomizing that early ‘50s look — and at a cost that will leave you with enough for another skinny tie. Be sure to accent these pieces with bold, abstract expressionist art and you are well on your way to embracing the whole lifestyle (just don’t start smoking, that’s gross).

Check out us out bi-monthly for 24 Hours Vancouver.