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Father’s Day Gift Guide

In the past, we’ve explored the gift ideas that appeal to all kinds of dads, ones who dress up, enjoy fine wine or scotch, travel, and splurge on grooming products. This year, we’re giving our ideas for the other 2/3s of dads out there – the guys who prefer to be in the yard, get the guys over and BBQ. Don’t be confused, these are still Style Dads but these guys are more comfortable in the yard than they are at a martini bar.

Here are clips from our recent press tour, below are details on where you can find these great items for your dad.

CTV Morning Live Vancouver – June 10, 2016 –  Watch the segment here


Global Morning Show Edmonton – June 13, 2016


CTV Morning Live Calgary – June 15, 2016

GIFTS for Dad:

1. BBQ Accessories from Lee Valley – All those items for the woodworker and outdoor enthusiast. Dad may not have thought he needed all of these things but life won’t be the same without them.

2. Re-usable grilling sheets by Cookina – Get the grill marks without the mess, simply cut these sheets to size, lay them flat on the grill and cook away. Works great for camping too, you can even do your eggs the bbq. These are available at Canadian Tire, RONA and Home Depot.

3. Outdoor furniture from Patio Outlet – with locations in Calgary and Edmonton until end August, these guys get new stuff every week. Modern and traditional, modular, accessoreis, they have it all.

4. Outdoor accessories from PC Home – time to give up the red solo cups and paper plates. Trust us, once you have these, you’ll use them all the time.

5. Decor from Pier 1 Imports – beautify the outdoors for your dad with all of those pieces that turn the outdoors into an outdoor living space.

6. Fashions by Joe Fresh – Freshen up dad’s look with summer essentials like polos, shorts, tees, bathing suits and sandals.



Nobody is more excited about Zealander 2 than we are. Arriving in theatres on February 12, we have a pair of passes to see the film in Calgary after it opens, all we want is for you to send us your best BLUE STEEL pose. Tag us on instagram (@thestyleguysca) and follow us, and we’ll put you in the draw for the tickets.

Not sure how to do BLUE STEEL? Check out the Blue Steel pose guide below.

Happy Zoolandering!

ZOOLANDER 2 - Blue Steel Guide


Men’s Holiday Gift Guide

Men are notoriously hard to shop for. We may say, “we don’t need anything,” and that may be true, but we still love opening a well-thought out gift on Christmas morning. From the tech lover to the style guy in your life, or even the man who appreciates a proper cocktail, here are our picks for holiday 2015.


Dewar’s 12 – The world’s most awarded blended scotch, the Dewar’s 12 is the perfect drink to pour neat or on the rocks and enjoy conversation over the holidays.

Dewars 12

LG G4 & Music Flow P7 – For the tech lover on your list we have two devices that are getting a lot of attention. The G4 is newest smart phone from LG with a 16 megapixel main camera so they can snap and share all of their memories over the holiday. It also connects seamlessly via bluetooth the Music Flow P7. With two channels this speaker fills the room like no other (or buy two and connect them for even bigger sound). Visit LG Canada. LG

HomeSense – We love a beautifully set up bar. Presenting your holiday guests drinks from decanters, in proper glassware, mixed in shakers and pitchers makes them extra special (and delicious). Visit the HomeSense website for inspiration and visit a store near you.


Mr. Turk – We met Mr. Turk himself at his Palm Springs flagship store a few years ago and we can’t get enough of the California dapper style. These are the pieces that a lot of men wouldn’t pick for themselves but when they wear them the compliments come flying. Push him out of his comfort zone and get him looking chic for the New Year. Mr. Turk delivers to Canada too, fear not!


The Loden Hotel – The Mad for Men Experience. We always stay at the Loden when we visit Vancouver and this year they are offering a special package for the fellas that includes overnight accommodation, 2 bottles of craft beer, men’s magazines, a tie clip, dress socks, pocket square and a boxing lesson in Loden’s BeFit studio. Visit here. Starts at $469/night.




BOW TIES for every occasion

We love our bow ties and like to sport them for any occasion. Bow ties can amp up any outfit. Most men cringe when they hear the word bow tie or you hear “I am not wearing that!” Well, listen up, if you are hipster enough to rock a ‘stache or beard, you can most definitely rock a bow tie. There are so many different options available from patterned, solids, different materials such as wood, fabric, and even feathers. We are sure you will find the right one to suit any occasion not matter how dressy or casual.
Kat Marks
Kat Marks is a Calgary based designer that studied in London. Her passion is working with exotic leathers and is a leader in fashion enterprise and design. She is so creative and when it came time for to dress for hosting the red carpet, her unique NEW AMBROSIAN style of neckware was where Aly had to go! A new take on a bow and a bollo tie made with the most gorgeous materials such as silks and leathers. Kat Marks is a fashion force in this city and we cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!
Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 4.41.43 PM
Bo by Mansouri 
You’ll be the talk about the party with these bow ties made with wood. Thats right, real wood. Started by a father and son duo, these fashion forward bow ties are made with cut offs from wood processing facilities across North America. In addition to this, they also use soft leather offcuts sourced in Israel, which are used for the neck straps. The bow tie goes through several protoype phases before becoming the almost weightless version that you could have in your hands. We both own one and can’t say enough about how amazing they are made in Canada!
Aristocrats Bows N Ties 
Based in Toronto, these gorgeous bow ties are available through their online shop. From florals, stripes, solids, to vintage florals, you will find whatever tickles your bow tie fancy. They like to pride themselves in their fashion details and like to call it sophisticated and dapper, with a twist. All their bow ties come with an adjustable band making it suitable for any man. They also carry a broad range of accessories from lapel pins to pocket scarves that will have you looking put together and dapper with a click of a button.
Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 4.07.12 PM
Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 4.06.58 PM
Brackish Bow Ties 
Started in 2007, all because the designer was not able to find the right groomsmen gift, Ben handcrafted his first bow ties from turkey feathers and they were an instant hit. Every tie is handcrafted in South Carolina and every single feather is hand selected ensuring that no 2 ties are alike. Every piece is a sustainable work of art and ensures that it will make a fabulous statement. We love the organic and of course colourful nature of the feathers and think these are the perfect tie for weddings, graduations, or any fashionable social function.

PARK 2015: Promoting Artists, Redfining Kulture

In its 3rd season, this years PARK Show is sure to be an amazing one! Being held Saturday May 23, 2105, this show has not disappointed in previous years as being one of the premiere fashion events to go to in the city. Fashion alumni as well as new to the fashion scene designers will showcase their collections in a two part fashion show. There is nothing more thrilling than sitting at a show, when the light turn down, the music starts and the models start strutting their stuff on the runway. It’s exhilarating. This is how we get a little NYC feel in YYC.

We thought we would run through some of the designers that we cannot wait to see on the runway!
Designer Aleem Arif founded this brand in 2011. The leather extraordinare, Aleem has a knack for making well tailored and fashion forward jackets and blazers. We are loving the lazer cut details that he is showcasing in his now collection. Perfect for those Calgary summer nights were it can get a little chilly. We are also loving the asymmetrical lines in some of his designs, we like to call this Modern Micheal, as in Jackson if you’re nasty… wait a minute, that’s Janet!
If there is one thing we love, it’s a strong pattern and this is the directions behind Vivian Lee’s new collection called RISE. A contemporary athletic-leisure menswear collection marries technical design and function with simple, clean aesthetics. Made for the modern jet setting man, who is athletic, career oriented, and fashionably sensitive… I think that describes us to a T!
Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 3.12.58 PM
Graduating from design in School in London, England, we are loving the simple aesthetic of her designs. Going through her collection we love how easy, casual, and well made her pieces are. We love how each of her pieces can be a staple but also go with so many other items, giving that piece longevity in your wardrobe. Something that is very important.



Wrangling some Wranglers

Growing up in a smaller community, I (Jason) went to school with some legit ranch kids. Let’s call them cowboys. I remember my first day moving to said community, I saw these classmates wearing full attired: cowboy boots, hats, and of course Wranglers. Now, these kids didn’t really understand or embrace a young budding style guy, so I always associated these jeans with getting pushed into a locker or called a variety of colourful names (you take a guess).

Fast forward 10 years later (okay, maybe a little longer) and a gift arrives in the mail from Wranglers (VFC Canada)…. a new pair of Wranglers. I proceed with caution, careful not mess up the wrapper in case I get the bum of a flat-arsed cowboy and need to re-gift them, and pull them out of the box. No retro stitching, stiff denim or boot cut on these Wranglers, so I put them on.

Aly and I both were really imWrangler RED 4pressed by the cut, fit and style of these newly launched Wrangler RED jeans. How could I have been so biased for so long? Available in three fits – vintage slim, vintage straight and vintage boot, we both tried the slim. The denim is soft, the fit very flattering and the price is great, coming it at around $30. Can’t beat that!

Check them out at Wrangler.ca/RED.



Shopping for the right winter coat

There’s no doubt about it, the winter chill is here, and if you’re in the market for a new winter coat you will be overwhelmed with choice. We are both looking for winter coats ourselves and have been struggling, what length, what colour, what weight? Here are  a few things to ask yourself before you hit the stores (or possibly make a bad purchase):

1.How many jackets do you already have and what do you need (and can afford)? 

Winter coats are expensive! Wouldn’t it be great to have as many jackets as you do pair of shoes? If you really need a jacket that can serve all duties then spend the most you can on a quality one that will last for a few years. If you can afford a few options then by all means, enjoy the variety and think about which ones are best for your lifestyle.

2. How exposed are you to the elements?

Are you the person who drives from your attached garage to an underground parked, walks the +15s all day and then goes home? In this case, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have a really heavy jacket and a wool coat will work to cover up as you run into the bank. If you ride transit, need to wait at a bus stop, have a long walk from the car to the office, need to sit in a rink while your kid plays hockey at 7AM then by all means, think very warm coats like down-filled.

3. What will you be wearing underneath this jacket? 

If you wear a suit to work then make sure you have enough room inside to button it up over your blazer, fit is very important. Think about how you’ll be steering your car when you have these layers on, give yourself room to breath. If you are typically not wearing more than one layer (or covering up your mom-0-flage in the morning), then something more fitted can work.

4. Length- two key considerations here:
1. will you be sitting down on something cold?  If so, then a longer jacket will definitely be your friend.

2. will something be sticking out from under it? Think about what you wear after you take your jacket off. Are you someone who wears long sweaters, blazers, long shirts? If so, a long jacket will keep you looking great. If you like the bomber style jacket, and have things tucked in, it will work.

5. Colour/materials

This is a big one for busy parents who have to deal with messes in the back seat, carrying too many things at once or are trying to have their coffee, answer a call, take a note, all at once (basically breaking every Alberta distracted driving law). Likely a cloth jacket, lighter in colour will be ruined by the new year. Look for something that wipes off easily, probably black, navy or dark grey. If you have options or a cleaner lifestyle then look at other great neutrals like camel or grey.

Stay warm out there!
The Style Guys

Adventure mountain man


DAY 4 from World MasterCard Fashion Week!

We got our fashion second wind with F/W 14 collections from Bustle and Rudsak. Two great shows and a chance encounter with Calgary designer Caitlin Power!

And don’t forget, tweet @jasonkrell and @alyvelji why you need a stylish holiday, and the hashtag #StyleGuysCayman for your chance to win a trip with us to the Cayman Islands and $1000 to Crossiron Mills.

Big shout out to Judy Gabriel from Hot Biz Media!


The Style Guys at World MasterCard Fashion Week F/W 2014, Day 4 from Jason Krell on Vimeo.

Rudsak 20th Anniversary!


Move over plaid! Patterns to wear in 2014

Originally posted in 24 Hours Vancouver
February 25, 2014

Many men shy away from patterns — and we can’t understand why. Maybe they don’t want to stand out or to look gay if they aren’t? Maybe they worry that it won’t suit their body type? Or maybe these men don’t know what to wear with a bold pattern?

Whatever the case, this spring there’s a lot of pattern coming our way — so jump on board. Fortunately, there’s something for everyone. And even the “guy’s guys” will find something to embrace.

This spring, forget about the plaid that we’ve been seeing for what feels like years. We’ve got better options — and there are ways to make a subtle statement or a bold one.


Forget Duck Dynasty, this is the new camo. Bold, larger in scale, and sometimes with a hint of blue, this pattern is a must for any stylish man this spring. Don’t just keep it to jackets — think shirts, pants, and hats, but be sure not to wear them all at once.


We are big fans of floral no matter what the season, but it is quite fitting for spring. Shorts are the big thing for prints — over-scale florals make a dramatic statement but can also be kept low key and casual.


Nautical-inspired stripes never go out of style. This is for the man who has a hard time with bold prints. A great stripe, whether neutral or bold, can really amp up an outfit. Stay away from a black and white stripe, as you may look like you’re going to jail. Keep it light and fun.


You can never have enough geometric prints in your wardrobe. These fabulous T-shirts are great for layering. They offer the perfect surprise hit of pattern to any layered outfit or paired with a simple pair of jeans for a simpler look.

Pictured Below:
1. Camo Jacket (H&M)
2. Striped Shorts (Old Navy)
3. Killgrew, Funk Editions Prints in Hendrix T-shirt
4. Killgrew, Funk Editions Prints in Clinton grey/green T-shirt
5. Mixing patterns, stripes and florals from the Gap
6. Floral shirt from H&M
7. Floral shorts from the Gap



StripedShortsOldNavy Killgrew1 Killgrew2 Floral1 Floral2 Floral3


No More Ugly Christmas Sweaters For You

This year we’ve put the Ugly Christmas Sweater on the naughty list — buttons, rhinestones, patchwork and bells need not apply. Instead, this Christmas we are in luck because chunky knits, fantastic prints and smart layering have never been more on-trend.

Dressed up or dressed down these holiday looks are fa-la-la-la-la-fabulous.

Originally posted in 24 Hours Vancouver 

The Style Guys Calgary Bloggers Show top Sweaters For Holiday 2013

Old Navy, Novelty Xmas Sweater
Keep it casual with this great sweater from Old Navy. We love the deer, they give the outfit some holiday cheer without going totally Hickory Farms fromage. Pair it with your favourite worn-in jeans and boots. This look is very ‘I just got back from the forest to chop down a tree’ chic!

The Style Guys Calgary Bloggers Show top Sweaters For Holiday 2013

Holt Renfrew, Givenchy knit sweater
Nothing channels the holidays like a little argyle. This chunky knit from Givenchy is perfect for cozy nights by the fire. The two red stripes also give this sweater a modern edge.

The Style Guys Calgary Bloggers Show top Sweaters For Holiday 2013

Gap, Double Knit Striped Shawl Cardigan (on top)
Layer your sweaters! These striped sweaters from The Gap give a nod to the nautical trend and are perfect for the cozy-holiday look. This is the ideal getup for shopping outside or going for a stroll with friends.

The Style Guys Calgary Bloggers Show top Sweaters For Holiday 2013

Harry Rosen, Versace Collection, Diamond Jacquard Knit
Turquoise is a great colour for the holidays; such a change from the mundane red and green. This fabulous diamond jacquard v-neck sweater from Harry Rosen has just the right hint of pattern. A perfect layering piece or wear it all on its own.

The Style Guys Calgary Bloggers Show top Sweaters For Holiday 2013

Banana Republic, Charcoal Fairisle Shawl Sweater
The shawl neck is another big trend for men’s fashion and this one from Banana Republic is just right. The knit charcoal colour keeps it dressy, but still leaves enough room to let a collared shirt poke through — perfect for holiday dinner parties.