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Emmy Style

Yesterday marked the 68th annual Emmy Awards. Of course, the show was great, however, as usual, we were as much about the red carpet as the actual awards (probably more). We were stunned at how many amazing looks we saw on the red carpet. It was a tough one, but we managed to narrow down our faves. Here is a look at our best dressed for this year:

1. Claire Daines, wearing Schiaparelli Couture
Everything that glitters is gold, darling! Claire Daines looked divine in this glittery gold number. With her gorgeous tan and blonde hair, it all came to life and gave us LIFE!
2. Sara Paulson, wearing Prada
It takes guts to wear colour on the red carpet, and Sara Paulson did fashion justice with this green embellished Prada dress. With just the right hit of sexy, the deep V is all kinds of amazing and her short hair killed it.
3. Kirsten Bell, wearing  Zuhair Murad
Floral for fall, yes please! We are suckers for a great print, and the stunning Kristen Bell worked the red carpet in this gorgeous nude floral gown. It’s giving us understated sexy.
4. Abigail Spencer, wearing Jenny Packham
The 70s are back! A little glitter and some ruffles did nobody wrong. Love the navy colour of this gown and how it just flows so nicely.
Honorable Mention
5. Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Millie Bobby Brown
We couldn’t do our red carpet faves without a shout out to our faves from a great show called Stranger Things. These 3 killed it on the show and stopped the red carpet in their tracks. Fashion stars for sure!



Juno’s Fashion – Canadiana or Bust?

It’s Juno’s weekend and everyone is planning their weekend music lineup, and hopefully their wardrobe. We Canucks love to show our Juno pride but we want to suggest that this weekend we evolve our Canadiana for a new, modern look.

The Canadian Tuxedo
We’re not going fishing people, update your denim-on-denim-on-denim for coloured jeans, mismatched washes and one of this spring’s hottest looks – lightweight denim. And always break it up with accessories.


This one is actually pretty on-trend but it is a style that has become more hipster than beards and toques.


The temperature is rising so put away the winter outerwear and wear lighter layers. You’re no longer impressing anyone with your branded fur collar.


Any kind of Jersey
No Canadian teams are in the playoffs, get over it.

Love, The Style Guys
Happy Juno Weekend!


Oscar Favourites – Let’s Do This!



The Oscars are this Sunday and while we haven’t seen all (or hardly any) of the movies nominated, we are well prepped for the red carpet. Whether the fashion is on point or not, we love to see who is wearing what. It’s always interesting for us to see who takes a chance, who nails it and who takes a big bite of the red carpet.
Here are a few of our faves from the last couple years (it was tough to narrow down) and who we are excited to see this year:
Excited to see:
1. Kate Blanchette always brings it on the red carpet so we are so excited to see what she is wearing. We guess Prada!
2. Brie Larson (nominee) is a newbie to the red carpet and has had her fashion game on point lately so lets hope she gets a great look for the oscars to make her debut.
3. Eddie Redmayne (nominee) always looks chic and refined on the red carpet, but we are hoping that he gives us a little more edge this time around. Perhaps a coloured suit? Here’s hoping!
All time Faves:
1. Lupita Nyongo, 2013 Oscars
She channelled her inner Cinderella and her home town of Nairobi when she wore this gorgeous blue gown. We were wide eyed when we saw her enter the red carpet. So chic and simple, this look was one of the best we have ever seen.
2. Charlize Theron, 2004 Oscars
Giving us old Hollywood glamour, this amazing gown by Gucci is a stunner! In our eyes, it’s simple, chic and sexy. Not over done and everything is on point from the hair, make up and can we talk about that tan?! Amaze!

76th Annual Academy Awards - ARRIVALS

3. Gwenyth Paltrow, 2012 Oscars
How can you not look good wearing Tom Ford?! She put the cape back on the map. The fit is pure perfection and the colour pure elegance. Sometimes simple is the way to go when you want to make a statement when everyone else is trying so hard.

Packwood Grand Style

What to wear? One of Calgary’s hottest fashion events of the year (and not just because the forecast is calling for 30+ degree temperatures) is upon us and we’re having a hard time deciding what to wear. In case you missed our segment today on CTV Morning Live here are  a few of our ideas.

Don’t forget that we will be there judging for best outfits – one for the ladies, one for the fellas – and the winners will each get a $1000 gift card to CrossIron Mills. See you at the races!


Taking it to the Streets

It’s been four years since Calgary welcomed mobile food trucks to the city and now we’re looking ahead to mobile retail. We say, this will be a great addition to Calgary this summer (providing the City of Calgary can get on with it). Here are a look at our first three retail trucks coming to the #YYC.

Mobile truck owners are anxious to hit the streets, and who knows, maybe even come do a private party for you?

Sublime Mobile Couture


A moderate to high end fashion destination, this truck has the feeling of a walk-in closet. Ladies only, they carry local and international brands complete with casual wear, jewelry, blazers and even handbags.

Find them:
Online: www.sublimemobilecouture.com
Twitter: @sublimecouture #smcyyc
Instagram: Sublime Mobile Couture

Beatnik Bus 


The Beatnik Bus is a mobile vinyl and local art shop. No doubt this one will be at all the festivals this summer.

Find them:
Online: www.beatnikbus.com
Twitter: @the_beatnikbus

Crafted Artisan Truck


Featuring unique, handmade goods from across Canada you’ll fine a mix of everything from the Crafted Artisan Truck including mens, women and children’s clothing, accessories, paper goods and even home decor like candles and ceramics. Also, check their schedule online to learn how to sign up for a crafting workshop with local artisans.

Find them:
Online: www.craftedtruck.ca
Twitter: @craftedtruck
Instagram: @craftedtruck


Brunch: The Most Important Meal of the Week

Bow ties at brunch - a must.

Bow ties at brunch – a must.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been invited to some incredible brunches. The lengths people are going to on Sunday mornings these days is kind of amazing – breakfast items, lunch items, desserts and big helping of style – it makes us think that brunching is the new dinner party.

So, how does one throw a brunch that your friends will get out of bed for? Here are our tips.

And we have to make a special mention of Ania B and Stalman for sharing their stunning photos and Katie Marks (Toques and Truffles) for her stellar cooking and hosting skills at #SuperBlogSunday. 

1. Make a variety of food, and lots of it. You don’t have to serve bacon and eggs – but it helps. Brunching means no rules. Make a roast beef, a salad, lasagna, whatever. As long as you have options and an egg dish you’re safe. And don’t forget something sweet.

Waffles, granola and cake, OH MY!

Waffles, granola and cake, OH MY!

2. Day drinking. Make a feature cocktail (or two) with a non-alcoholic for the pregnant women attending and driving everyone home.

Feature drinks with edible flowers, come on!

Feature drinks with edible flowers, come on!

3. Dress UP. It’s fun to dress up on a Sunday morning and not have to go to church. Invite your most stylish friends and make an event of it. You can go big – bow ties, hats, fascinators, pretty dresses. Go for it.

Get your most stylish friends - no jammies allowed.

Get your most stylish friends – no jammies allowed.

4. Theme it. The last one we attended was themed #SuperBlogSunday and hosted some of Calgary’s top fashion bloggers. At the event people were printing their photos wirelessly using an Instax. It’s fun to have an activity, so make it your own and get people involved.

Instax, bringing printed photos back to the people.

Instax, bringing printed photos back to the people.


New Year’s Gym Etiquette

Health and fitness concept. Before and after weight loss by

Of course the gym is packed, it’s January. There’s nothing else to do and everyone has been washing down their shortbread with eggnog for the last month. We’re in the same boat, too much eating, drinking, lazing, snacking and sipping. But the show goes on, it’s a new year, and another opportunity to evaluate our fitness goals.

This week on the Virgin Morning Show we’re talking about gym etiquette. For the most part, we find that people at the gym are pretty friendly (maybe we just go to an exceptionally great gym) but there is always room for improvement on the little stuff. Here are our suggestion on how to exercise your brain, in addition to your brawn.

1. Be Welcoming to the new people (or January bandwagon folk) – sure, a busier gym is annoying but don’t stink eye the newbies. It’s hard enough to get to the gym without being made to feel like a loser. 

2. Cut the chit-chat (or at lease keep it to yourselves) – whether you’re on the phone or next to your BFF, we don’t need to hear about every detail of your life.

3. Carry a towel – leaving your sweat anywhere is gross.

4. Don’t hog the water fountain by filling up your Big Gulp-sized water bottle. I just want a sip, I promise I’ll be quick!

5. Wear underwear – guys, you know those lightweight workout shorts you wear, put some ginch under them. There’s no need to be flopping around like a freshly caught trout (or goldfish, whatever the case may be) for all to see. It’s weird.

And remember, KEEP FIT AND HAVE FUN!

Love, the Style Guys.


Dressing for the Office Holiday Party

ChristmasDressIf you haven’t been to one already, you might be gearing up for an office holiday party and the pressure is on. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing the right outfit… on the one hand you want to dress up but you don’t want to overdress, so where’s the happy medium? Here are a few tips on how to make just the right statement:

1. Know your venue. 
If the holiday party is in your office lunchroom or the kind of venue with peanut shells on the floor, don’t worry about dressing formally. Think smart casual – no ball gowns or suits required. If it’s at a luxury hotel ballroom or a fine dining restaurant then up your game – a suit or dress.

2. Be professional.
These are still your work colleagues and employers, so don’t overdo it on the cleavage, slits, open shirts or tight pants. Think fun, dressy and mostly covered up. If your boss can’t look you in the eye without staring at your rack hanging out of your top, Houston we have a problem.

3. Don’t overdo it. 
Having worked in the service industry we can tell you that there is a fine line between getting dressed to impress and overdoing it. Ladies, there’s no need to get the works: your hair done, makeup done, nails done, eyebrows done, lashes done, and looking over processed. Sure go get a blow out and some new lipstick but this is not your wedding day.

4. Be comfortable. 
The last thing you want is to wear something so tight that you can’t sit down for a long time or eat dessert. You may also want to dance so wear shoes that will get you through the night.

5. Wear something that you don’t already wear to work. 
It’s the holidays, you’re still allowed to have a little fun! Bring out some nice accessories, wear some sparkle, guys-wear a suit, we don’t all have lots of events where we can dress to impress. 


Savings Secrets from Crossiron Mills for Fall – Global TV

The Style Guys Calgary Fashion Blog

In case you missed it, we were on Global TV Saturday September 20th to talk Fall trends for the ladies from some of our favourite retailers at Crossiron Mills. A huge thanks to Ania, Jade, Yvonne and Kim from The Nobles for getting up early to help us out. See more about the looks below the video and check out Crossiron Mills for more.


The Style Guys Calgary Fashion Blog

Jade’s look from Banana Republic Factor store at Crossiron Mills

The Style Guys Calgary Fashion Blog

Kim’s look from Joe Fresh at Crossiron Mills

The Style Guys Calgary Fashion Blog

Yvonne’s look from Banana Republic Factor store at Crossiron Mills

The Style Guys Calgary Fashion Blog

Ania’s look from Kixs at Crossiron Mills

The Style Guys Calgary Fashion Blog


How to Pick Yourself Up After a Breakup

On Virgin radio this week, we’re talking how to give your self a little pick-me-up after you’ve gone through a breakup. Making that decision to go out on your own again is a tough one, and often there are hurt feelings, esteem issues and cash issues. So, how do you give yourself a style boost when you’re feeling low?

We are exploring this topic for an upcoming presentation we’re giving at the Divorce Transition Weekend taking place at the Banff Springs Hotel from October 3-5. This exciting weekend is designed to change your life and give clarity on how to move forward with a successful new life. Topics cover all areas of life including finance, fitness, legal issues, and of course style! Ours is the first presentation of the weekend — designed to start the weekend off in a light and positive way.

Broken Heart


We have a limited number of free tickets we would like to share with you so if you or someone you know needs a weekend like this email us! info@thestyleguys.ca. 






Quick tips: 

1. Get back to the gym. We’re not saying you need to lose weight or bulk up but nothing will perk up your mood and put some blood back in your face like some fitness. Whatever your fitness poison – lifting weights, yoga, a walk, a swim, just make the time and get back into it.

2. Purge your closet. If you still have your wedding dress or tux hanging in your closet but the nuptials are over, get rid of it! Gifts from your ex that remind you of them every time you see them–OUT! If they have value and you don’t want to toss it quite yet (think diamonds) put them in a vault or give them to a trusted friend who can keep them safe and out of site.

3. Get your hair did. Yup, simple and affordable. A new do will bring much needed compliments and a fresh outlook.

4. Buy some new shoes. Why shoes? Because putting your best foot forward is more than a metaphor. New shoes or boots that feel substantial will make you feel like you’re ready to kick ass. Think about power shoes, dressed up boots, or if they make you feel great–high-tops. It doesn’t really matter as long as you can put them on and you feel powerful.