The craze over the TV show Mad Men never seems to end. Everyone covets a fitted suit and skinny tie, but for a lot of stylish dudes this is where it stops. They forget that Mad Men is not only about the fashion, it’s also about the interior esthetics. After all, our homes are as much an extension of our style as our clothes.

The mid-century mode you see in Mad Men is all about sophistication, clean lines and a refined esthetic. It is simple and uncluttered, and each quality piece has great details.

Ready to indulge? Here is a list of our favourite pieces, each epitomizing that early ‘50s look — and at a cost that will leave you with enough for another skinny tie. Be sure to accent these pieces with bold, abstract expressionist art and you are well on your way to embracing the whole lifestyle (just don’t start smoking, that’s gross).

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