Calgary Men, if you’ve never had a custom suit made, now’s the time. Many men believe that it’s too expensive or too slick for their taste, but fear not, the team at Indochino have the entire process worked out for you.

First, they measure you. And no, it’s not like a sitcom episode with an inseam punchline. Trained staff get all of your measurements and build you a custom profile using their iPhones or iPads. Then, once your profile is built you start shopping. You have your choice of fabrics and cuts for suits all starting at $449. And really, where can you get a suit for $449, nonetheless custom made? Unless you’re planning a trip to Hoi An, Vietnam, this is your best bet for the price.

In a couple of short weeks you’ll have your custom suit to your door. And if it doesn’t fit they’ll fix it for you, either with a credit at a local tailor or make a new one.

Indochino will be in Calgary until November 24th, right across from City Hall (237 8th Avenue SE). Visit 


Calgary Style Guy Jason getting fit for a custom suit.
Style Guy Fitting
Calgary style blog, the Style Guys visits Indochino
Indochino comes to Calgary, the traveling tailor
Great looking custom suits for Calgary Men
Great looking custom suits for Calgary Men
Choose your fabric... any fabric.
Choose your fabric… any fabric.

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