As much as we are longing to be in New York this week for NYFW, we are stuck here with some business to take care of. However, fear not Style mavens, we have you covered. Our good friends at J.Crew have given us a sneak peek at whats to come for their Spring/Summer 2015 collection and we are elated to be sharing these exclusive images with you.

As usual, J.Crew does not disappoint. Easy and casual looks that are effortless. Perfect for any fashion lovers closet for the coming season. We know we can’t wait for these looks to hit the stores as we will be the first ones in line to get the goods.

J.Crew Spring/Summer 2015 Women’s Inspiration

The women’s Spring/Summer ‘ 15, collection, was inspired by the artistic beauty of the indigenous cultures in Latin America. I was drawn to their distinctive approach to stripes, ikats, intricate textiles, and interesting colour combinations – specifically from artisans in Mexico and Peru. The energy of the collection came from a recent trip to Ibiza; and the calm of the relaxing tropical getaway. There’s a real feeling of ease, a sexiness, a casualness and comfort to the clothes this season. I wanted to focus on dressing people to enjoy them today and live their lives in them, and not just on a precious occasion. -Tom Mora, Head of J.Crew Women’s Design

J.Crew Spring/Summer 2015 Men’s Inspiration

The men’s Spring/Summer ’15 collection was initially inspired by my childhood memories of traveling to Spain. Through my research I came across fantastic images that further evoked nostalgic memories of the Mediterranean. From the fishermen mending their nets on the wharf, the white washed walls, to the various shades of blues in the ocean – all can be found translated in some way throughout the collection. I love the fisherman’s cable knit cardigans updated with white buttons, chambray naval popovers, French work wear jackets. This season there is special emphasis on simplicity, nothing overly complicated. – Frank Muytjens, Head of J.Crew Men’s Design

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