On Virgin radio this week, we’re talking how to give your self a little pick-me-up after you’ve gone through a breakup. Making that decision to go out on your own again is a tough one, and often there are hurt feelings, esteem issues and cash issues. So, how do you give yourself a style boost when you’re feeling low?

We are exploring this topic for an upcoming presentation we’re giving at the Divorce Transition Weekend taking place at the Banff Springs Hotel from October 3-5. This exciting weekend is designed to change your life and give clarity on how to move forward with a successful new life. Topics cover all areas of life including finance, fitness, legal issues, and of course style! Ours is the first presentation of the weekend — designed to start the weekend off in a light and positive way.

Broken Heart


We have a limited number of free tickets we would like to share with you so if you or someone you know needs a weekend like this email us! info@nullthestyleguys.ca. 






Quick tips: 

1. Get back to the gym. We’re not saying you need to lose weight or bulk up but nothing will perk up your mood and put some blood back in your face like some fitness. Whatever your fitness poison – lifting weights, yoga, a walk, a swim, just make the time and get back into it.

2. Purge your closet. If you still have your wedding dress or tux hanging in your closet but the nuptials are over, get rid of it! Gifts from your ex that remind you of them every time you see them–OUT! If they have value and you don’t want to toss it quite yet (think diamonds) put them in a vault or give them to a trusted friend who can keep them safe and out of site.

3. Get your hair did. Yup, simple and affordable. A new do will bring much needed compliments and a fresh outlook.

4. Buy some new shoes. Why shoes? Because putting your best foot forward is more than a metaphor. New shoes or boots that feel substantial will make you feel like you’re ready to kick ass. Think about power shoes, dressed up boots, or if they make you feel great–high-tops. It doesn’t really matter as long as you can put them on and you feel powerful.


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