Just because you are moving into a dorm room does not mean you need to sacrifice style. The complete opposite as now this is your own space and you can really do anything… well almost anything. We know that you cant paint, sometimes you have to live with the bed you are given, etc. But fear not our stylish post secondary lovers! Here are a few quick tips that will leave your dorm looking fabulous and the envy of all others on your floor.

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1. Divide your space into sections and use furniture pieces to help you separate. Open bookshelves are great becuase they provide storage as well. Something industrial always works well.

2. COLOUR is key. Add colour through your bedding, artwork and accessories. Go bold with your choices as you are probably moving into an empty white canvas. The sky is the limit.

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3. Put up pieces that inspire you. Photos, artwork and postcards from places that you have gone will have you smiling when you look at your walls and will keep you from feeling homesick.

4. Create multi-purpose spaces. A dining room that can also function as an area to study, play cards, etc.

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5. Storage is KEY!!! An open bookshelf can house pots and pans, boxes, books and other accessories. Boxes are great as they can hide clutter!

All images courtesy of Homesense Canada 


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