It’s not often we get one bit serious on Virgin Radio but this week we want to talk about just a few of the reasons why we are truly thankful.

1. Food in our bellies and a soon to be finished kitchen. It’s been four long months since we had a flood in our house and this week we’ll be able to cook in our home again. It’s a miracle that we have not doubled in size.


2. Careers that we love. What other country could we be two young dudes owning our own businesses AND having fun as the Style Guys.


3. Our health. This is a no-brainer. And we’re going to give some of the credit to having an Anytime Fitness a few blocks from our house… complete with trainer Brad.


4. We have the most loving and supportive families and friends. We’re so grateful that they are understanding that we can’t always be at everything but they have to know that we have nothing but love! This includes our friends at Virgin Radio – Marc, Danaye, Fuzzy and Boss Chad who keep having us back, and to the listeners that put up with us every Friday.

VirginMorningShow Veljis Krells

5. Each other. And we hope that you all have big crushes too.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!


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