There’s no doubt about it, the winter chill is here, and if you’re in the market for a new winter coat you will be overwhelmed with choice. We are both looking for winter coats ourselves and have been struggling, what length, what colour, what weight? Here are  a few things to ask yourself before you hit the stores (or possibly make a bad purchase):

1.How many jackets do you already have and what do you need (and can afford)? 

Winter coats are expensive! Wouldn’t it be great to have as many jackets as you do pair of shoes? If you really need a jacket that can serve all duties then spend the most you can on a quality one that will last for a few years. If you can afford a few options then by all means, enjoy the variety and think about which ones are best for your lifestyle.

2. How exposed are you to the elements?

Are you the person who drives from your attached garage to an underground parked, walks the +15s all day and then goes home? In this case, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have a really heavy jacket and a wool coat will work to cover up as you run into the bank. If you ride transit, need to wait at a bus stop, have a long walk from the car to the office, need to sit in a rink while your kid plays hockey at 7AM then by all means, think very warm coats like down-filled.

3. What will you be wearing underneath this jacket? 

If you wear a suit to work then make sure you have enough room inside to button it up over your blazer, fit is very important. Think about how you’ll be steering your car when you have these layers on, give yourself room to breath. If you are typically not wearing more than one layer (or covering up your mom-0-flage in the morning), then something more fitted can work.

4. Length- two key considerations here:
1. will you be sitting down on something cold?  If so, then a longer jacket will definitely be your friend.

2. will something be sticking out from under it? Think about what you wear after you take your jacket off. Are you someone who wears long sweaters, blazers, long shirts? If so, a long jacket will keep you looking great. If you like the bomber style jacket, and have things tucked in, it will work.

5. Colour/materials

This is a big one for busy parents who have to deal with messes in the back seat, carrying too many things at once or are trying to have their coffee, answer a call, take a note, all at once (basically breaking every Alberta distracted driving law). Likely a cloth jacket, lighter in colour will be ruined by the new year. Look for something that wipes off easily, probably black, navy or dark grey. If you have options or a cleaner lifestyle then look at other great neutrals like camel or grey.

Stay warm out there!
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