ChristmasDressIf you haven’t been to one already, you might be gearing up for an office holiday party and the pressure is on. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing the right outfit… on the one hand you want to dress up but you don’t want to overdress, so where’s the happy medium? Here are a few tips on how to make just the right statement:

1. Know your venue. 
If the holiday party is in your office lunchroom or the kind of venue with peanut shells on the floor, don’t worry about dressing formally. Think smart casual – no ball gowns or suits required. If it’s at a luxury hotel ballroom or a fine dining restaurant then up your game – a suit or dress.

2. Be professional.
These are still your work colleagues and employers, so don’t overdo it on the cleavage, slits, open shirts or tight pants. Think fun, dressy and mostly covered up. If your boss can’t look you in the eye without staring at your rack hanging out of your top, Houston we have a problem.

3. Don’t overdo it. 
Having worked in the service industry we can tell you that there is a fine line between getting dressed to impress and overdoing it. Ladies, there’s no need to get the works: your hair done, makeup done, nails done, eyebrows done, lashes done, and looking over processed. Sure go get a blow out and some new lipstick but this is not your wedding day.

4. Be comfortable. 
The last thing you want is to wear something so tight that you can’t sit down for a long time or eat dessert. You may also want to dance so wear shoes that will get you through the night.

5. Wear something that you don’t already wear to work. 
It’s the holidays, you’re still allowed to have a little fun! Bring out some nice accessories, wear some sparkle, guys-wear a suit, we don’t all have lots of events where we can dress to impress. 

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