Let’s face it, men are always difficult to shop for (except for us really). So we get really excited when we find a men’s product that meets the following criteria:
1. It’s useful
2. It smells good
3. It’s affordable

Meet Urban Beard, Canada’s #1 beard grooming line. Made in small batches, and using only organic and natural ingredients, this collection is designed for softening, strengthening, and cleaning facial hair, all in the name of supporting healthy hair.

Aly is clean shaven, but I (Jason) sport a coiffed beard… so I gave it a shot!

While the moustache wax would never work on my #4 trimmed lip fur, I loved the shampoo bar and conditioner. It smells great and left my beard feeling fresh and new. My favourite, however, was the beard oil. I liked how shiny it made my beard, perfect for an on-air appearance. Men with dry skin will also love how it heals flaky skin and prevents beard dandruff.

Check it out at UrbanBeard.ca … now let’s see how this works on other body hair…

Urban Beard

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