Growing up in a smaller community, I (Jason) went to school with some legit ranch kids. Let’s call them cowboys. I remember my first day moving to said community, I saw these classmates wearing full attired: cowboy boots, hats, and of course Wranglers. Now, these kids didn’t really understand or embrace a young budding style guy, so I always associated these jeans with getting pushed into a locker or called a variety of colourful names (you take a guess).

Fast forward 10 years later (okay, maybe a little longer) and a gift arrives in the mail from Wranglers (VFC Canada)…. a new pair of Wranglers. I proceed with caution, careful not mess up the wrapper in case I get the bum of a flat-arsed cowboy and need to re-gift them, and pull them out of the box. No retro stitching, stiff denim or boot cut on these Wranglers, so I put them on.

Aly and I both were really imWrangler RED 4pressed by the cut, fit and style of these newly launched Wrangler RED jeans. How could I have been so biased for so long? Available in three fits – vintage slim, vintage straight and vintage boot, we both tried the slim. The denim is soft, the fit very flattering and the price is great, coming it at around $30. Can’t beat that!

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