Sure, we talk a lot about fashion, decor, events, celebs, etc, but this week we wanted to expand our horizons and talk about something we love as much as we do our shoes: food! In fact, we actually love cooking (and baking), and have accepted the fact that we will never have abs.

We have many foodie friends, and read a lot of food blogs, and this year there are a few things that seem to be unanimous among the food lovers of the world. Let us tell you, the year ahead is going to be delicious!


Slices of Butter1. Fat is back. Full fat. Yeah baby!

There is an ongoing battle among doctors about what is good for us and what is bad for us and is seems that the word right now is about eating real food, less sugar and more good cholesterol (or something like, that, we’re not fricken doctors here). And you know what’s real? Butter. Butter on toast, butter in sauce, even butter in coffee.



background2.  Whole Grains

Your digestive track is going to love you. Hemp, chia, freekeh, spelt. We don’t know what they are but they’re going to creep their way not he side of your plate, eventually taking centre stage.




mojito cocktail with lime and mint on wooden table3. Cocktail Culture 

Things are looking way up… Calgary’s cocktail culture is really starting to catch up to other big cities. You’re going to drink more infused, muddled, bittered, foamed cocktails than ever. Of course, they start at $12 but they’re worth it.



Ceramic bowl with sauerkraut over wooden background4. Everything pickled

Bitter, fermented, pickled food is taking over from sweet. Think pickled veg, sauerkraut, kimchi, and if we’re really lucky pickled eggs. Just keep that Kombucha fermented tea to yourself.

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