A lot of people are getting engaged over the holidays, which makes January the time when people are starting to plan their nuptials. In the last 7 years, we estimate we have attended approximately 25 weddings (seriously), often emceeing the wedding, and we feel like we are expert wedding guests.

Now, trends for weddings come and go, and this year there are some really fun ones that are popping up. Of course, we do believe that a wedding should be as unique as the couple, but if you’re starting from square one this might give you some ideas and inspiration.

RusticChic1. The Nature-Inspired Wedding
Calgary is notoriously terrible for planning around the weather, so our first bit of advice is to have a plan B in case a storm rolls through (or just plan it somewhere with more dependable weather). Think about dining outdoors, or on a patio, use twigs and branches, natural flowers in mason jars and strung up lights. We recently went to one in Canmore at the Cross-Zee Ranch that was incredible and a few years ago went to a Saskatchewan farm wedding that melted our wedding-cynical hearts.




FamilyStyle2. Family Style Dining
Depending on how formal you wish your wedding to be, this is a nice alternative to going either full-plated meal or buffet. Everyone can be served at approximately the same time, take what they want, as much or little as they want, and it will likely save you some money.


BlackDresses3. Black Bridesmaid Dresses
Really, let’s make dress shopping easy, right? Let your bridesmaids wear whatever black dress they feel hot in and style them with matching flowers.



FoodTruck4. Late Night Eats
The midnight buffet is probably as important, if not MORE important than the dinner. When everyone is drunk and danced-out feed them before they stumble home. They will thank you in the morning. Choose what you love to eat at the end of the night and be as decadent as you want – mashed potato station, poutines, sliders, Chinese food.


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