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Of course the gym is packed, it’s January. There’s nothing else to do and everyone has been washing down their shortbread with eggnog for the last month. We’re in the same boat, too much eating, drinking, lazing, snacking and sipping. But the show goes on, it’s a new year, and another opportunity to evaluate our fitness goals.

This week on the Virgin Morning Show we’re talking about gym etiquette. For the most part, we find that people at the gym are pretty friendly (maybe we just go to an exceptionally great gym) but there is always room for improvement on the little stuff. Here are our suggestion on how to exercise your brain, in addition to your brawn.

1. Be Welcoming to the new people (or January bandwagon folk) – sure, a busier gym is annoying but don’t stink eye the newbies. It’s hard enough to get to the gym without being made to feel like a loser. 

2. Cut the chit-chat (or at lease keep it to yourselves) – whether you’re on the phone or next to your BFF, we don’t need to hear about every detail of your life.

3. Carry a towel – leaving your sweat anywhere is gross.

4. Don’t hog the water fountain by filling up your Big Gulp-sized water bottle. I just want a sip, I promise I’ll be quick!

5. Wear underwear – guys, you know those lightweight workout shorts you wear, put some ginch under them. There’s no need to be flopping around like a freshly caught trout (or goldfish, whatever the case may be) for all to see. It’s weird.

And remember, KEEP FIT AND HAVE FUN!

Love, the Style Guys.

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