We always love visiting Toronto and it’s always a pleasure to see Mad Dog and Maura at 99.9 Virgin Radio. This time the topic was Spring 2015 trends, and what we should be leaving behind from Spring 2014. Take listen to the full segment below!

The Style Guysstyle



She Wore Yellow

It’s not a colour that hangs in everyone’s closet but it should be. Yellow is going to be in popping up everywhere. Just remember, not all yellows are created equally, the trick is to find a shade that goes well with your skin tone.





Not pants, not shorts, culottes. A proper fitting pair of culottes flows away from the body, kind of like a skirt would, and hits mid calf. They are a great look to dress up with a blazer and shows off a killer pair of shoes. Perfect for the office or a night out, but if worn too casually will look like you’re wearing capri pants.






Given that we’re Calgary guys, we see gingham every spring and summer, as people gear up for the Stampede. In fact, I’m pretty sure most retailers send all of their gingham to Calgary and mark it up in time for Stampede. Find a modern cut for this pattern so you avoid looking like you’re wrapped up in a picnic table cloth or heading out to a rockabilly show.





AllWhiteAll White

It’s Hampton’s chic, country-club brunch, polo party and yachting attire, and now it’s for the rest of us too. Probably not the best choice for a spaghetti dinner, or really, anything, but it’s fashion, so get your all white look on, don’t touch anything or anyone, don’t sit down or even leave your house. There aren’t enough Tide to Go sticks in Canada to get us in all-white, but if you’re brave, enjoy!


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