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We have a love-on for Kelly Osborne. As she left Fashion Police, she is now joining the ranks at MTV and will be hosting the red carpet show. We could not be more thrilled with this news.  Her style has always been a little more edgy and we think she will be the perfect fit to host the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet!


Placing 4th on the 5th season of Last Comic Standing, Amy Schumer will be the host for the MTV Movie Awards…. which for the most part get a little crazy! It is MTV after all. We are excited to see what she will bring to the fashion table as she is not really known to be the “it” girl of fashion. This is her time to shine and we cannot wait to see what she’ll be wearing… many outfit changes we hope!


Best Actor

Our choice goes to Chris Pratt, Guardians of The Galaxy. Have we watched his movie? No, but lets get real, these are not the Oscars and to be honest, it’s based on who’s hot and Chris Pratt is finnne!


Best Actress

We vote that Jennifer Lawrence (Mocking Jay) gets the golden popcorn. Who doesn’t love her? And we are sure she will knock it out of the park with our outfit!

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